Mystery of Zimbabwe elephant deaths could be solved, as experts have bacterial eye disease

Zimbabwean officials say the recent spate of elephant deaths in the country is the result of a bacterial infection.

Fulton Mangwanya, director general of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, told the parliamentary committee that 34 elephants had died so far and “many” could still die in the short term.

“All the results to date show the cause of death of these elephants due to a disease known as hemorrhagic septicemia,” Mangwanna said.

Most of Botswana’s dead mystery can be solved

“However, there have been reports of Asian elephants being killed in India. It has also affected pigs, pigs and chickens in South Africa in which it can cause massive mortality. It is also recognized in buffalo and some other wildlife species in this part of the world. ”

November 10, 2019: Elephants pass through Zimbabwe's Hwang National Park in search of water.

November 10, 2019: Elephants pass through a Zimbabwean national park in search of water.
(AP photo)

Two elephants were found dead in Victoria Falls last week, citing the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. The samples were sent to the UK for tests, the authority said.

Other specimens And it will also be sent to neighboring South Africa, Mangavanya said.

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In addition, a mass elephant died in neighboring Botswana earlier this year. Botswana officials recently reported that poisonous algae in the water the animals drank could result in the deaths of more than 100 elephants.

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