Musicians are making funky remixes of Wai’s Mei Chanel song, and they slapped

While the Nintendo Wii may be famous for the era of motion-based controls for console games, one of its most enduring legacies is the stunning music of some of its system apps. Remember the Wii Shop Channel song? It’s still so good. And in recent days, producer and composer Alex Moukala has begun the trend of celebrating another of the system’s most popular songs by creating funky remixes of MI Channel music.

If you haven’t heard it in a while, here is the original version:

Now listen to Mookla Take extraordinary:

Moukala then had the inspiring idea of ​​inviting others Create their own versions, And some of the results are fantastic. Here are a few of my favorites:

Game composers, too, are like jumps Sonic Mania Musician T. Lopez:

And Celeste Musician Lena Rain:

I can honestly add a dozen more tweets here. Every single one I’ve heard is wonderful. I check The hashtag #MiiChannelJam on Twitter And Maukala’s Twitter profile Where he is making many great contributions.