Mossad brings Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Israel – report

Channel 12 reported on Monday that Mossad had brought the Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Israel in recent weeks, Channel 12 reported on Monday. Countries and companies around the world run races to develop vaccines, with a number of cybersecurity and espionage reported against numerous. Developers.

Israel is trying to reach agreements to buy the coronavirus vaccine from several other potential developers, a senior health ministry official said.

“There are a number of diplomatic efforts going on behind the scenes,” he said Jerusalem Post In a private briefing. “We are making every effort to ensure that Israeli citizens have access to the vaccine as soon as possible.”

The Israel Institute for Biological Research announced on Sunday that it would begin human trials next week on Brilife’s coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine has received all the necessary approvals for medical experiments on humans by the Ministry of Health and the Helsinki Committee.

“This is a day of hope for the citizens of Israel,” said Defense Minister Benny Gantez. “Just two months ago, I got the first bottle of vaccine. Today we have 25,000 vaccine doses. “