Moder’s CEO says his coronavirus vaccine won’t be ready until next spring

Modern CEO Stephanie Bansley said Wednesday that her company Corona virus According to a report, the vaccine will not be ready for widespread public distribution until the spring of next year. The drugmaker will also not seek emergency approval for the vaccine for frontline medical workers and other at-risk individuals until early November 25, he told the Financial Times.

Speaking at the Health Council on Wednesday, Bansal said Moderna would not be ready to get Food and Drug Administration approval for the vaccine for use in the general population at least until the end of January. If the vaccine proves to be safe and effective, approval is not possible until late March or early April.

“I think it’s too late [first quarter], Early [second quarter] “Approval is a reasonable timeline, based on what we know from our vaccine,” Besnell said, according to the FT.

A Moderna spokesman confirmed Bansal’s remarks at the conference that the company expects the FDA to have enough vaccine test data to apply for emergency use approval by November 25 immediately.

The timeline is a shock to Moderna, who said Earlier this month He may seek emergency approval for the vaccine as soon as November 1. It also strikes down claims made by President Donald Trump, which he reiterated in a discussion with Joe Biden on Tuesday that a vaccine could be ready in a matter of weeks. Or before the November 3 presidential election.

Trump defended his coronavirus response


“We’re a week away from the vaccine,” Mr. Trump said Tuesday night during the president’s first discussion with Biden. Mr. Trump’s statement was in response to a question from moderator Chris Chris that he would work with the U.S. Department of Disease Control and Prevention. Why not agree with the prediction of the head of the centers that the vaccine will not be ready until next summer.

“I’ve talked to Pfizer, I’ve talked to all the people you have to talk to – Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and others. They can move very quickly,” Mr. Trump said.

Shares of Moderna fell 4 dollars on the news of its revised timeline compared to just 70 dollars. Moderna did not respond to a request for comment.

Seven potential coronavirus vaccines are now being tested in the late stages, although more than 170 potential treatments are being developed. According to Dutsh Bank analysts, a third of vaccine candidates usually make it through all three stages of testing.