Modern Warfare developers reveal Warzone fixes in Season 5 update

Infinity Ward has revealed a new series of bug fixes coming to Call of Duty: Warzone in the next major update, which is expected to be released in Season 5.

Since the release of Modern Warfare and Warzone, Infinity Ward has done a relatively decent job of addressing and correcting bugs found in both games. The developer communicates regularly about what he is fixing and when the bugs are fixed thanks to his Trello public dashboard.

While most of the bugs associated with Warzone right now seem to be on the more cosmetic side of things and are not considered “ground breaking”, but there are still issues to be addressed, some that can influence and affect the game in a variety of shapes.

Recently, however, IW has confirmed that some bugs associated with Warzone have been fixed internally and will hit all platforms in a future update. These include:

  • A bug that caused a player’s physics to be influenced by a helicopter if they had the parachute open while driving it.
  • A random ammunition failure for which details have not yet been provided.
Captain price

The problem with Captain Price’s eyes has been fixed in Modern Warfare.

Additionally, Infinity Ward also announced that a number of different bugs, this time for multiplayer, have also been fixed and will be implemented soon.

  • A bug that causes the Precision Airstrike kill streak to be unusable even if the player won one.
  • A bug that causes the screen to break on newer maps.
  • A visual problem associated with the eyes in Price’s character model.
  • A collision error on the Promenade map.
  • A hitbox error when playing a custom Headshot game.
  • Farms on the Piccadilly map.
  • A bug that prevents players from customizing the default range on the Rytec AMR.
  • The RPK barrel appears broken on certain weapons.
  • A bug that makes Officer Challenges appear under the Elder Challenges label.

As mentioned earlier, none of these are incredibly serious errors that need immediate repair. That said, it’s nice to see that the developer continues to listen to the community, even if it’s minor issues.


Hopefully, Warzone Season 5 won’t be as flawed as previous seasons.

It should be noted that IW didn’t technically confirm exactly when these fixes will apply to the game, but it’s most likely with the Season 5 launch update, which is expected to be packed with new content and major changes.

Season 5 will begin on Wednesday, August 5 for all platforms.