MLB rumors: Trevor Bauer met with Blue Jess; Masahiro Tanaka may return to Japan

Welcome to 2021. The new year has arrived and we are still waiting to sign one of the top free agents in this se fion ason. Only 10 of our top 60 free agents have signed up, Only one of the top 14 and none of the top four is included. Here are the new rumors of a hot stove on the first day of the year.


In his latest social media video, Trevor Bauer confirmed that he had a (virtual) meeting with the Blue Jays on Thursday. “I got a call with Blue Jess. I’ll check with them and talk to their pitching coach (Pete Wacker) and high performance coach (Angus Mugford) and see what they have to offer,” Bower said. . Our RJ Anderson ranked Bauer the 3rd free agent.

The Blue Jays have been paired with every major free agent (Bauer, DJ Lamheau, JT Realmuto, George Springer) in recent weeks and they are one of the few teams expected to spend big this winter. Their current projected rotations include Hyun-Jin Rue, Robbie Ray, Tenor Rork, Nate Pearson and Ross Strippling. Strippling can return to the bullpen or go to Triple-A to include the Pearson Bauer signature.

Tanaka may return to Japan


A source close to Masahiro Tanaka told’s Randy Miller that there was a “good chance” that the right-hander would return to his former Japanese team, the Rakuten Golden Eagles, if he could not make a new deal with the Yankees. Jason Coscray Japan Times Notes Tanaka said that during a recent television appearance, his chances of returning to Japan were “zero”.

Our RJ Anderson has ranked Tanaka as the 10th free agent in this season. Tanaka played with the Golden Eagles for seven years before joining the Yankees, including a 24-0 win in Japan with a 1.27 ERA of 27 in his last year in 2013. The Yankees need a second starting water clock, and a reunion makes sense. In any case, it seems that Tanaka does not want to spend the next few years in the MLB team.

Peders is talking to Professor, Yates



After adding U Darwish and Black Snell (and Ha-Seong Kim), Pedres is now in talks with Wright Kirby Yates and super utility man Jurican Profer about a possible alliance, reports Kevin AC San Diego Union-Tribune. Yates lost most of 2020 with a bone inspiration in his elbow and is looking at a one-year deal. AC says San Diego is also talking to other nearby types.

Pedres has no more left on his se fission to-do list, They will still be able to use another reliever and another beach player, So Yates and Profer are a clear fit. At age 28, the professor will understand looking for a starting job elsewhere instead of accepting a bench or part-time role with Pedres. San Diego has full enjoyment and their current field includes Trent Grisham, Will Myers and Tommy Pham.

Astros, cubs interested in Castro


Accordingly, the Astros and Cubs are interested in free-agent catcher Jason Castro MLB reporter Robert Murray And Patrick Mooney of Athletic. Back in Houston, where Castro began his career, it seems less than it was a few weeks ago. Our RJ Anderson did not place Castro in his top 60 free agents. The lefty swinger is more out for his glove than his bat.

The Cubes sent Victor Keratini to Pedres in a day-to-day trade, so at least he needed to back up behind Wilson Contreras. Contraras, of course, The trade itself is on the block, So Chicago could find two new catchers before saying and doing it all. The Astros are committed to defensive pride Martin Maldonado behind the plate, although he also needs a backup.