Mississippi State has a fantastic 0-yard punt

No. 24 The third quarter of the Armed Forces Bowl between Tulsa and the state of Mississippi features one of the strangest pants you’ll ever see.

Mississippi State has a 21-13 lead, but is recalling Tulsa with one minute left in the third. At a time when a brutal tragedy occurred on a generally trusted Tucker Day.

Day, who averaged yards per punt in the regular season, somehow kicked Tony Ball of his clit. He booted a low liner that went straight to Trevor Rehn of Tulsa, who was just a yard standing bho outside the line of allegiance.

Reh, surprised to see the ball take care of him, somehow managed to catch Punt before a quick action by the Mississippi State Blurs Kers.

(Via ESPN)
(Via ESPN)

He went into the books as a zero-yard punt with a zero-yard return. You don’t see it every day.

Gaff gave the ball to Tulsa on the MSU 32-yard line. After nine plays, the Golden Hurricane went 21-19 to cut the score. However, it was as close as Tulsa could find.

The team’s game-building two-point conversion attempt failed. The play proved fruitful as Mississippi State won 28-26. The main play of MSU’s victory was freshman’s pick-six freshman Emanuel Forbes when it looked like Tulsa would take the first lead of the game at the end of the third quarter. That defensive score extended MSU’s lead from 14-13 to 21-13.

Another hurdle thrown by Zack Smith near the goal line at the end of the fourth snatched another golden opportunity for Tulsa. Smith threw a touchdown pass with 1:23 left, but the next kick attempt was bounced back by the Bulldogs.

All things considered, it was a difficult way to stop what was an excellent season for Tulsa.

The Golden Hurricane, who played Thursday’s game without the national defensive player of the year, lost his opener against Oklahoma State before being undefeated in the conference play in the regular season. Tulsa then fell to unbeaten Cincinnati on the last-second field goal of the AAC title game. With the loss of the Bowl, Tulsa ended his season with a 6-3 record.

Mississippi State, in its first season under Mike Leach, finished 4-7.

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