Millions of people wake up without drinking water after a winter storm

An estimated 10 million Texans were waking up without drinking water on Monday, as state officials sought to calm down quiet residents after a hurricane swept through the state following the distribution of bottled water and a quiet storm of quiet residents.

Toby Baker, executive director of the State Commission on Environmental Quality, told a news conference on Sunday that two days ago, 5 million of the 14.9 million people who said their water was not safe to drink were given a boil-water notice. .

The instructions were issued after several days of low temperatures damaged the state’s water structure.

About 3.5 in the state government by helicopter, plane and truck. Millions of bottles of water were distributed, government official Greg Abbott said Sunday.

Expanding lines can be seen at distribution points in some parts of Texas. Vanessa Fuente, a member of the Austin City Council The video shows dozens of cars Outside the soccer complex south of downtown Austin.

He said about 700 cases were released before the program began at 11 a.m., and at another site, vehicles began laying lines five hours before distribution began.

He tweeted, “The effects of this catastrophic crisis will be felt for days.”

Officials in Houston said the boil-water notice that has been in place since Wednesday has been removed following tests that meet the city’s tap water regulatory standards, while about 1.5 million people in San Antonio remain under the boil-water order, Baker said.

Abbott said consumers who have lost electricity last week after large parts of the state’s electricity bills – and increased demand in Texas’ market-based system – will be protected from “unreasonable” bills.

In some cases, the bill is in the range of 10,000.

Connections about paying money will stall, he said, adding that he met on Saturday with a bipartisan group of legislators who had agreed to a fast-track law.

Texas got a break from the bitter cold. The slow-moving hurricane system earlier this week will bring the nationwide Northeast closer to the February average.

President J. Biden has signed a major disaster declaration, dealing a severe blow to federal funding for counties from last week’s storm. More than 4 million consumers have lost electricity and at least 22 people have died in connection with the winter weather.