Microsoft Scores Impressive Zoom Attack With Important New Feature

Microsoft just hit an impressive strikeout against rival Zoom, with an important new equipment feature.

Microsoft teams have launched functions left, right and center as their goal is to beat Zoom in the field of video conferencing. Now, Microsoft has just stepped things up on another level after confirming a major new feature in Teams: the ability to allow 300 meeting participants to attend a video call.

Microsoft Product Manager Mike Tholfsen confirmed the launch of the new feature, previously described in the signature road map, in a cheep. By adding this feature, Microsoft will allow more companies, as well as groups like Churches, to organize large meetings using Teams.

Zoom only allows 100 participants in a free call, and you need a plug-in if you want to increase this to up to 500 meeting participants.

Could Zoom’s security issues be a boost for teams?

Zoom is a very feature rich service that is very hard to beat in terms of usability. However, its reputation has been affected in recent months, as an increase in users caused a series of security problems and vulnerabilities.

Microsoft has taken advantage of this by boosting Teams’ security credentials and quickly launching new features to catch up and sometimes beat Zoom.

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This latest new feature comes along with tons of consumer tools, as Microsoft aims to sell equipment to the masses. Other recently released Team features include new backgrounds and the ability to display up to 49 people in one call, which will be available to all users this fall.

Meanwhile, an important feature of Zoom-beating in Teams is the unlimited time frame for free calls, compared to Zoom’s 45-minute allowance for free users.

Zoom has been going to great lengths to make its service more secure, but some users are still looking for an alternative. Some people say Teams is not as simple as Zoom for large meetings and can be slow or slow, but Microsoft of course will have tested this new feature.

There are other options, but Teams is worth trying if you’re looking for a safe Zoom alternative for large video meetings or chats.

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