Microbox.’s Xbox TV era ends in May with the removal of OneGuide TV listings

MicroSoft is removing its TV listings feature on the Xbox One in May. Originally presented as part of its broader ambitions to occupy the living room, the OneGide TV listings on the Xbox One are designed to overlay the top of your cable bays and provide a better way to access content. You can also pair the feature with an Xbox USB TV tuner to access free-to-air TV channels.

“Based on customer usage and feedback, we’re constantly evolving the Xbox experience,” says Jonathan Hildebrand, program manager at MicroS.ft’s Xbox Experience Group. “For that, starting this May, we’ll be sucking up the live TV listings for OneGuide on the Xbox One.” OneGoide users will be able to access the HDMI Pastro feature on the Xbox One to view connected devices, or still access the TV tuner, but TV listings will be removed.

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Micro .ft’s OneGide TV listings on Xbox One.

It is the ultimate nail in the coffin for MicroSt’s original dream of turning the Xbox One into a digital entertainment hub or a modern cable TV. Kinect and HDMI pass-through were at the heart of the plan, but hardware such as the Xbox One and PS4, with a bulky VCR with low performance and a focus on entertainment was primarily like a game console.

MicroSt .ft is slowly stepping up its Xbox TV efforts over the years to get rid of Kinnacle, moving away from the Xbox One Snap mode, media features disappearing and the Xbox TV DVR feature lagging behind. The Xbox One seemed like a cord-cutter dream, but it quickly disintegrated in just a few years of the console’s existence. Micro .ft’s latest Xbox Series X / S console no longer includes HDMI pass-through, or the company’s OneGide app.