Micro .ft, Xbox Live reconnects to the Xbox network

Micro .ft, Xbox Live is re-browsing the Xbox network. For the beta testers, new branding patterns recently began appearing in the Xbox dashboard, with clips being uploaded to “Xbox Network” instead of Xbox Live. Microsoft has now confirmed the name change.

“The ‘Xbox Network’ refers to the underlying Xbox service online service, which was updated in the Microsoft Services F-Services Agreement,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. Edge. “Update from ‘Xbox Live’ to ‘Xbox Network’ to separate service from Xbox Live Gold membership

Microsoft has used Xbox Live to refer to its underlying Xbox service since its original launch 18 years ago. Larry Hrib, better known as Mary Nelson, has been known as “Major Nelson of Xbox Live” for years, but Hrib now calls himself “Major Nelson of Xbox”.

After Microsoft updated its service agreement, signs of a name change returned to the original August Gust. At the time, Microsoft said it was not rebranding the service and had no plans to discontinue Xbox Live Gold. Instead, Microsoft announced a price increase for Xbox Live Gold that forced the company to do the opposite quickly.

Microsoft is now planning to drop the subscription requirement for free-to-play games on its Xbox network next month. Like sports Fornite As a result, Xbox Live Gold will no longer be required, but Microsoft has not yet confirmed exactly when PayVal will be removed.