Micro .ft documents confirm futuristic surface plans

It is rare to see that the surface of a MicroSurf Surface device is promoted without a pen. It’s a key feature that is talked about regularly by the surface team, and it’s perfect for an innovation. The latest details show that work is underway to create a more intelligent pen.

The details come from a patent entitled “Stylus for Zero Force Activation” and details the system for improving the capability of the Surface Pen when knowing when to switch to inking mode.

“… Stylus still uses a vibrating tip to determine when it comes in contact with the surface,” says Micros .ft. The patented surface pen also comes with a capsule designed to reduce the speed of the shaft and run parallel to the length of the shaft style.

“The help has two antennas and is connected to the shaft using a metal track. It also has a transmitter at the tip and it can detect the position of the stylus tip, and then quickly turn it into the ink position.”

The Surface Vision of Micro .ft has always been built around different ways of working. Consider the Surface Pro 2-in-1 Seno with their disassembly keyboards that allow for a tablet experience with and without QWERTY input. Think about the outstanding features of the Surface Book of laptops with fully detachable screens? Even in Surface laptops, which do not have physical conversion you can still move between pen input and trackpad movements. Surface is about multiple modes, and switching between them quickly and easily.

It includes a surface pen. There are two ways to use it. The first is a more traditional stylus-based approach to computing, which mimics the ideas of a mouse or trackpad in operation. The second mode is the inking mode, where your artistic flair can take over.

The next step is to address the micros.ft when changing switching modes, reducing delays in mods, and creating a ‘magical’ experience, including a combination of stylus- and inking-modes, allowing the surface pen to be better understood.

As always, the published patent shows the direction the company is taking with the hardware development, but it does not guarantee that this technology will be seen on consumer devices. But some patents are more likely to show up than others. This one looks like we’ll see something in the near future.

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