Metal Gear Solid Creator wants The Old Guard Star as Solid Snake in the next movie

Who knows if we’ll ever see the film adaptation of the popular Metal Gear Solid The video game franchise was finally made, but creator Hideo Kojima already has Luca Marinelli in mind if the long-awaited project comes to fruition. From the first Metal gear Originally released in Japan in 1987 before becoming a huge international hit on the NES, the Solid Snake character has been the main character in the series. The 1998 sequel Metal Gear Solid gave him a unique look and voice, further expanding his personality with clear inspiration from Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken of Escape from New York.

Since Russell is more suited to playing roles like Santa Claus these days, he’s probably not the best person to ask for. Metal Gear Solid movie reportedly in progress on Sony Pictures. Because no casting announcements have been made for the planned adaptation, fans have been speculating on their own who might make a good live-action Snake. This includes Oscar Isaac, who even agreed with the interest of fans by publicly expressing his desire to take on the role. However, if you ask Kojima, he is leaning in another direction after catching him. Luca Marinelli in several movies that he enjoyed

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Directly from his personal Instagram account, Kojima said this when asked if any actor had his attention, noting that Marinelli would be great to play the surprised agent:

“There are many actors that I follow. Luca Marinelli caught my attention recently after watching The old guard and Martin Eden. He played an awesome villain in They call me robot JeegBut I think it will be out soon and its popularity will increase. Also, I think if he were to wear a scarf, it would be a vivid image of Solid Snake! “

It wasn’t long before the internet realized Kojima’s suggestion, and before long, an interesting fan art was created to portray how Marinelli might look on paper. Popular digital artist BossLogic produced a simulated poster for a Metal Gear Solid movie, and seeing the actor in Solid Snake outfit makes it easy to see why Kojima sees any promise in the possible casting. “I wanted to quickly see what Hideo Kojima saw. He knows how to choose them,” BossLogic writes in the caption. You can take a good look at that fan art in the Instagram post below.

This is not the first actor Kojima suggested for the role of Solid Snake, as the planned video game movie has been filming in development hell for years. After initially announcing plans to do a Metal Gear Solid In the 2006 movie, Kojima said he would like to see Hugh Jackman as Solid Snake. In subsequent years, the project has stalled with many potential writers and directors. The last iteration was established at Sony with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing, and as of December 2019, Vogt-Roberts said the project was still in production with a full script. This news comes to us from Hideo Kojima on Instagram.

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