‘Mental agility and endurance to focus’

ATHENS – Georgia football coach Lee Coach Kirby Smart put his bulldogs ahead of a trip to Tuscaloosa on Friday as his week of preparation seemed so smooth.

The Smart’s No. 3 ranked Georgia team (3-0) plays No. 2 at Alabama (3-0) on Saturday at the Biant-Denny Stadium (TV: CBS) at 8 p.m.

“They’ve been focused and they’re excited about the game, a little more awareness and attention,” Smart said on his coach’s show. “The focus in this type of game is simple, there is attention to detail.

“It’s fun because you think you can do more, share more information, because it’s in and really engaged, and it should be that way every week.” “I told our people at the start of the season, it’s going to be mental agility and endurance to focus.”

The Bulldogs tunnel vision is being tested this week as they thought they would now be filled with an afternoon game against Kentucky before starting teaching on Halloween weekend.

The league will depart next Saturday in Georgia instead of changing its schedule due to a stoppage in Florida’s expanded COVID-19 related activities.

Smark said before leaving for Tuscaloosa that the team would be locked into the game with the recruits, and shared some of the keys to the game.

Get started

Georgia’s offense has dropped more points () than its six opening games and second half drives against opponents who scored themselves ()).

Surprisingly, the Bulldogs went backwards in three of their six drives that opened the game or the other half and turned the ball twice.

“I think when turnover happens we have to start better and do some good things,” Smart said of how his team managed itself against Tennessee.

“I don’t think the composer made a lot of room in the locker room (halftime after stopping twice from Wallace’s 1-yard line.)” We had to go through the end zone where we stopped in fourth place. .

“There was defaulting (there) to not get points out of it.”

Georgia’s offense bounced back on its first two drives of the second half when the defense handed him field position at Wales’ 15 and 36-yard lines, but were able to convert turnover into field goals.

Run the installation

It’s always key to smart, but more important to Alabama defenses that are rich on keeping opponents in disadvantageous and distance situations.

“That’s what kills you when you play Alabama. If you’re second and 14, or third and 15, you can’t succeed.” “She (Ole Miss) probably has 10 plays in the game where she should have bagged or was exposed, and (QB Matt Coral) gets the ball to the line of notoriety, and that makes it manageable.”

A good run on the first down helps the game guess the defense with neutral pressure.

“It’s huge. There’s a lot of things you can do to keep them off balance when you can run the ball. It sets the play-pass action, it makes you look different.” “The run game is key, but it’s the SEC teams trying to overcome something.”

Smart said some teams have a tendency not to be bothered by the run game, but added that an effective ground game “slows down the rushers.”

Georgia’s head coach sees progress in his team’s ground game.

“I don’t know anyone in our league who just comes out and runs rags on people. It’s hard to do, “said Smart.

“Especially when they emphasize you, but we’ve got a young O-line that’s still growing. I still think we’ve got a really good back, and we have the ability in a game of intermediate passing that we didn’t have before. “

Pacer rush

Georgia has the No. 1 defense across the board, but Alabama has the country’s No. 1 offense, and Smart doesn’t recognize anything.

“You better rush, and you don’t give them more time, because they’re finally looking for a way to open up,” Smart asked about TID’s pass game. “They have a good distributor and gunslinger and they have a wide range of talents.”

Smart Devonta has known Smith since he went to the Alabama football camp. Smith got to know Smith better after he was de-committed from Georgia and came back with a game-winning touchdown to play him back in the College Ledge Football Play Playoffship Championship game.

Smart said, “Devonta, everyone knows, it looks like it’s forever.” “They lost two first-round picks, and that’s still their team’s strength, if they tell you anything.

“The game we played two years ago, Jalen Waddale played across the field, we had Mark Webb and Eric Stokes, so they’re the same people,” Smart said. “They were both notable players before.

“The (John) Matchi LL Kid has played well, people have tried to take the other away, and he’s exposed it.”