Mazda3 turbo will officially be a thing in July

You asked for it and Mazda is almost ready to deliver. On Thursday, the Japanese automaker scoffed and scoffed at what it surely is Mazda3 turbo.

Remember, the rumors really escalated earlier this month after dealer code screenshots allegedly confirmed the turbocharged Mazda3. Mazda had nothing to say about the report then, but the automaker returned to Twitter archives from the first time we posted the story to tell Roadshow, “Power comes to those who wait.”

The tweet contains a link to a YouTube video with some graphics and an accelerated engine numbered 7, 8, and 2020. We assume that means that we will officially see the debut of the Mazda3 turbo on July 8. The automaker declined to comment further.

A turbo option for the Mazda3 It has been a long-awaited option for Mazda fans. In fact, Mazda3’s program manager Kota Beppu told Autocar last year that he had heard great support for that model. Positive feedback likely helped Mazda make the decision.

Looking at the engine itself, we’re likely to see Mazda’s familiar 2.5-liter turbo-four, which generates 250 horsepower at the Mazda6, CX-5 and CX-9. If the automaker decides to keep the power the same, go for it, Mazda, which will easily hang with a Volkswagen Golf GTI, which now has 228 hp. It may not be true Mazdaspeed3But it would definitely be a blow in the same spirit.

The only downside is that, according to dealer codes, the turbocharged engine will not be offered with a manual transmission. Instead, it will be paired exclusively with an automatic and four-wheel transmission. It should also be available in both the sedan and hatchback. We will have all the answers in less than two weeks.

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