Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ Is Standalone, New ‘The Flash’ Suit Revealed

Warner Bros. confirmed Matt Reeves’ remake of Superhero today The Batman will be in a separate universe from the rest of the DC Comics superhero franchises that currently exist. Official word came at today’s DC FanDome virtual fan event titled “Explore the Multiverse”, after which the “Introducing the Flash” panel revealed concept art for a new Flash costume.

The Flash adapts the comic strip “Flashpoint”, in which Barry Allen (aka the Flash) uses his super speed to travel back in time to save his mother, who was murdered in his childhood. The consequences for rescuing his mother are tragic, as the new future is a dystopian nightmare, where he encounters divergent versions of the other heroes he knows, because of the multiverse.

“Explore the Flash” followed on an “Explore the Multiverse” panel, lending the way DC comics, TV / streaming shows and movies exist in a multidimensional reality, where every existing version of the characters on the page, TV or movie screens may overlap.

The science behind the concept is based on the actual interpretation of many worlds in quantum mechanics, but it obviously takes fantastic extremes to explain how Ben Affleck’s Batman and Michael Keaton’s Batman both exist on different versions of Earth in separate dimensions and together will appear screen in The Flash.

The multiverse was set up in live action during the CW crossover event with Flash, Arrow, Great girl, and other DC heroes on various television series. That crossover grew to include previous DC movies and current iterations on big screens, culminating in Miller’s Flash from Batman v Superman en Justice League making a como appearance alongside Grant Gustin’s Flash from the CW series.

Part of this multiverse concept, but completely separate from all other existing DC superheroes live-action worlds, is The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight.

Walter Hamada explained how Matt Reeves will build Batman’s unique and realistic bat world that is not part of the shared DCEU we’ve seen so far. Reeves could develop a bat family corner of DC movies, while the other franchises like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Suicide Squad, Flash, and others could continue to merge into the ongoing DCEU.

My judgment is that Reeves will lay the foundation for a brand new DCEU that does not overlap with the rest of the previous and ongoing DC movie and TV franchises. The rest of the movies will cross over and run for a few more movies, and then when they’re ready, we’ll be Reeves’ bat world the launch pad for new re-released versions of the DC characters.

So get ready for not one, but two possible DCEUs, dear readers, and maybe a presence for both on HBO Max. Time will tell …