Matt Hardy’s handling of the injured AW will overshadow the overshadowing.

There was little in the way, good, bad and scary downsite.

The pay-per-view of all Elite Wrestling was heavy on Saturday night’s well-told stories, but lacked some great wrestling as we expected. Most of the show felt like a proud episode of “Dynamite” with some very bright spots. AW needs to stay away from a lot of fake matches and get back into exciting wrestling.

There was also the questionable decision to resume the match after Matt Hardy was seriously injured. The show delivered a new champion, escalated friction in The Elite and continued the star-making of Orange Cassidy and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Here are five withdrawals from All Out:

Just stop it

AW abruptly resumed the match between Hardy and Sammy Guevara. It was initially reported that Hardik may have suffered a head injury in the opening minutes. He was spotted by Guevara from a scissor lift on a table, but they observed it and Hardy’s head hit the concrete floor in the relaxed area of ​​Derry’s Palace.

Referee ub Bray Edwards delayed his 10-count, which Hardick will have to go through to win the “broken rules” match. If Hardik lost he had to leave AW in the story. He was struggling to stand and fell to the floor. Edwards put the X correctly to correct the doctor and the bell ringing. Hardik was pulled to the side to check. Announcing this, Jim Ross, Exalibur and Tony Shiawane both praised Ross’s stoppage, saying “this is not the time to take chances with people’s health” and “you could say Matt Hardy was not right.”

Then, all of a sudden, Guevara – who a few weeks earlier had injured Hardick with a boarded chair truss – was shown walking towards the ring. He was attacked by Hardy and the match ended in what was likely to be the original finish. The two men climbed on a few parts of the hallway and Hardik pushed Guevara into a crowd of crash pads and he didn’t answer 10 counts.

Shia later said on the show that Hardik and Guevara were OK and said the match was restarted because Hardik was cleared by AW’s Dr .. Michael Sampson, while he said it was OK to continue. This was confirmed by AW President Tony Khan during a conference call after the show.

“When the doctor examined him, the doctor passed him and cleared him in the blending protocol,” Khan said. “He checked in with Matt, then Matt came back and he passed the concussion protocol and he’s doing it right. Just after the match I spoke to him and just again. He went to the hospital in caution. ”

While it’s commendable for veterans who want to end a match like Hardik, sometimes the company needs to take action and keep putting the players in position for further damage. Keep it safe and make a storyline way to reject this condition.

Shift maker

John Moxley v. MJF was everything we could hope for and maybe more. Moxley retained his AW World Championship after a bad toss from Wardlo who missed the MJF of the Dynamite Diamond Ring. He distracted the referee and did not allow Moxley his restricted paradigm shift finisher to pay any attention to the win. The full finish puts the belt on Moxley and gives MJF or his lawyer a chance to complain to Khan that he is the true champion.

MJF and Moxley rightly told the story in a more hardcore style than the classic. MJF was bloodied by Mozelli’s car crash style and Friedman did enough work to his opponent’s left arm that Moxley sold him out for most of the match.

At one point, the MJFA resisted Moxley’s efforts to shift the paradigm into Earth’s Arbor Salt, but Champ was able to get on the ropes. MJFA paused in the eye and hit less, but the last attempt at deception fell on him. Still, MJF proved his toughness and proved that he is a true main event player.

Moxley’s next challenge will be Lance Archer. He won the Casino Battle Royale by throwing Eddie Kingston out of the top rope with the help of the bag, stating that Jack was “The Snake” Robert’s snake.

Top guys

FTR is where he is as the Cash Wheeler and Dex Harvard has ended Kenny Omega and Hangman Page’s 228-day reign as AW tag champions. They escalated the rift between the two and even in The Elite. We’ve been questioning in the match whether Hangman will jump into the FTR’s brain games again, but Omega needed it at every moment. He didn’t even bring a drink to the ring. Instead, it was Omega’s incorrectly altered V-trigger knee that knocked the page. It was pinned by Harvard after two spike pile drivers.

After the match, which was wrestling in the more classic style of FTR, Omega did not hit Page with a small table, but could not catch his teammate when he fell in front of him due to exhaustion. He left her in the ring and walked back angrily. He got into the SUV after delivering The Young Bucks – which continued to show a new edge by beating the Jurassic Express late at night – an ultimatum to come with him or stay behind, which they did.

This was the FTR at their horrible best, attacking Omega’s legs, messy refs. FTR’s much-anticipated meeting with The Young Bucks will soon be enough and so it could be a tidy “cleaner” heel turn for Omega so it can now face a very babyface page.

In the drink

Don’t think we need to watch the Mimosa Mayhem match – which Chris Jericho made – or anything like that again, but that Cicid helped Cicid as the main evening. It took two orange punches to undo Jericho’s grip on the rope and to splash it into one of Mimosa’s two large vats on either side of the ring.

The match saw Cassidy beat Jericho in a 2-1 series, but it was possible to create a play around him that would be poured in orange juice and champagne that wasn’t exactly super exciting. We’ve seen hardcore-like matches between Brit Baker and Big Swill and Hardy and Guevara. Jericho also threw orange juice at her the week before by Carissa.

Chris Jericho in a tub of mimosa.AW / All Out

Mixed bag

Women’s champion Hikaru Shida got everything AWA had hoped for from a match with NWA women’s champion Thunder Rosa. The match was technically appropriate, physical and Thunder Rosa objected to most of Shida’s signature offense. Defeating Shida with a win is a challenge, adding another excellence to his belt. Rosa was a good stop-gap attraction, but now AW needs to find a real fight for Shida.

The cinematic “Tooth and Nail” match – tabbed for the original show – shot inside Baker’s dentist office fee wasn’t great overall, but you could tell it had a lot of thought. The termination took place when the servant’s needle landed at Baker’s feet. Instead in Swale. Eventually she fell asleep using anesthesia, leaving her restless. He had a good callback in his struggle, riding like a truck baker and being dumped inside by a dumpster. Fighting in a thin office fee hall really limited the action at the time.

Another match

Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Matt Cardona and Scorpio Sky Over Brody Lee, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana

When you want to see the Dark Order dominate, it means that if the days of Colt Cabana in the group are over. TNT He squandered his chance after being set to win by champion Brody Lee. Dustin eventually used a rollup to pin Cabana, who earned money from Lee after the match, Dustin Lee’s revenge Lee put his brother Cody out of the AW in the story and got a shot at the belt on dynamite the following week.

Private party over Dark Order’s John Silver and Alex Reynolds

Jean and Juice – and together the private party won the fun match This The lower part of the AWTG team section.

Joy Genela Serpentico Up

Getting the right amount of wages for a while to see both. Hopefully we’ll see more of Janella and tag partner Sony Kiss.

Biggest winner:
The biggest losers: Chris Jericho
Best match: John Moxley v. MJF
Grade: B-