Marvel’s Latia Wright antioxidant responds to Weed Back Clash

Letia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther.

Letia Wright as Shuri In Black Panther.
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Another example of how the best rule of thumb is never to tweet, Black Panther Star Letia Wright is set to receive a significant backlash in public. She shared a video on YouTube that raised questions about this The severity of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, Casting doubt on Effectiveness of any potential vaccine, And a litany assistant Transphobic thoughts.

On Thursday evening, Wright sent a deleted tweet with a prayer hand emoji, along with a link to a video of Tommy Araiomi, self-proclaimed prophet, author and founder of RIG Nation, a media platform with the Christian Mission in 2007. ”In Video After YouTube removed it for violating its Terms of Service – “Covid-19 vaccine, should we take it?” Title – Areomi shared his thoughts on a number of recent events, and expressed his belief that people should stick to their right to trust. In fact misinformation.

“If you want people’s trust, you have to lead them to understand that they have the right to give false information,” Areomi said in the video. “Freedom of speech is part of it Aliens have a right to believe they are real, and wearing a tin foil hat will protect me from their mass control communication. ”

While most of Areomi’s inconsistent music is bouncing all over the place throughout the video, people’s attention was drawn to Wright Sharing as Aremi’s suggestions were that vaccines made by Chinese pharmaceutical companies could not be trusted. Moreover, while arguing that “the jury is still out” on whether humans play an important role in the growth of climate change, he – for some reason – brought in people who are another example of “something”. [he] Only technically, biologically [doesn’t] Believe. ”

Wright himself does not explicitly endorse any of Areomi’s views, nor did he specify whether he should watch the entire 69-minute-long video before sharing it in his opening tweet. However, many of his followers interpreted his post as an invitation to entertain his ideas. Responding to the reaction on Thursday, Wright claimed that people were trying Cancel it for being a non-ist informatist, But by Friday morning, he posted a statement in an attempt to clarify the rationale for sharing the video.

Wright’s social media habit comes under discussion at a time when multiple fandoms make it a point to pay more attention to trends that High profile celebrities Take a look at pressing, real-world issues. Fellow Marvel Studios star Chris Pratt was criticized for his voice His organization with Zoe Church, Establishment of Celebrity Centric Hillsong Church, the founder of which has stated that the organization does not support “gay lifestyle”.

In addition, other Disney actors, The MandlorianGina Carano, Came under fire Recently for its various uses Social media accounts. Fans allege she was making fun of people Share their pronouns In his Twitter bios – “I’m not against trans life.” Commented Later, too Writing “Beep / Bop / Bop jokes have to do with trans people and [everything] To expose the mindset of the mob bullying that has taken over the voice for many real reasons. It was also shown on his Twitter account Preferences posts Reject the Black Lives Matter Movement Spread conspiracy theories Concerning the 2020 elections and Making fun of the coronavirus mask command.

The common denominator among these celebrities – in addition to having household names due to their affiliation with Disney – is that they all have a right to be recognized, no matter how realistically inaccurate, abusive and from a bad faith perspective. Of the common people. But when people listen to celebrities, see what they do and come to the conclusion that they are coming out of their pockets, when people lose faith in them and whatever sense of belonging they have, the stars do not cry. . ‘Always trying to project.

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