Marvel rings in the new year with a musical medal

Marvel Studios celebrated the New Year with a special performance featuring some of MCU’s iconic tracks.

Marvel Studios featured some of the most iconic voices from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with a special musical performance in China in the New Year.

Broadcast during the Chinese Billiards New Year’s Gala, a Chinese orchestra performed “Marvel Studios Fassfer” by Brian Theodore Tyler and Alan Sylvestri’s “The Avengers”. Theme for an impressive array of lights and special effects. At the end of the performance, the conductor can be seen donating tea logos while Thanos donates Infinite Gauntlet Black Widow, Shang Ng-Chi and Ten Rings of Legend And Eternal Appears in the background.

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At MCU, Tyler’s “Marvel Studio Fanfair” playing with the Marvel Studio logo can be heard at the opening of many more recent films. Sylvester’s Avengers theme was first introduced This Avengers Before reuse Avengers: Infinite War And Avengers: Endgame. As the most iconic MCU track, it has also been featured in various promotional and marketing materials.

Marvel’s planning is very crowded 2021. To the movie, Black widow Phase 4 will begin On and after May 7 Shang-chi and the ten rings of legend July 9 and Eternal Nov. .. Marvel Studios and Sony will close the year with Untitled Spider-Man: Away from home The sequel, which will premiere on December 17.

Phase 4 will continue in 2022, with Dr. Torter Strange in the Multiverse of Madness March 25 and Thor: Love and Thunder On May 6. 2022 will also see Black Panther II On the 8th of July and Captain Marvel 2 Will hit theaters on November 11, 2022. In the meantime, Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantum Mania While also scheduled for an undisclosed date in 2022 Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Will open in 2023.

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Marvel will launch with its Disney + 2021 TV slate Vandavision On January 15, new episodes stream every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Will follow on March 19, while Loki Will make its premiere in May. Hockey And Ms. Wonder It is also expected to hit streaming service later in the year. Finally, animated What if …? It is set to premiere in the summer of 2021.

Included in another TV series of development That-Hulk And Moon Knight. In a recent Disney Investor Day presentation, House MF Mouse also announced that projects based on Secret Invasion, Ironhart And Armor Wars, As well as a collection of shorts after the Baby Groot title I am Groot.

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Source: YouTube via Laughing Place

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