Martmart is redesigning its stores. This will look like that

Under pressure to entice more people to download its app and use it when shopping (read: Not Amazon’s app), before logging in to help navigate the store, find more options to download online and pay Walmart shoppers for payments once finished. Encourages to download. .

By the end of the redesign year, 200 U.S. In stores and 1,000 more by the end of 2021.

Walmart's new sign mimics the airport.
Shopkeepers have also noticed that Walmart’s sections are being arranged more clearly and new, larger signage will be installed. Walmart (WMT) He said the new signs were inspired by the airport because they were “the best class examples of how to navigate large groups of people”, especially considering the epidemic that sent people to stock up on essentials.
Inside the new Walmart.

The redesign process began before Covid-19 last year, but it includes features that people have approached as contactless payments. For example, customers can use “Scan & Go” on its app so that people don’t have to interact with others when making payments. The redesign was inspired by customer feedback and could tweak based on shoppers ’feedback.

Shoppers can make new use of the app "Scan and go" Feature.

Walmart’s digital redesign is another way to take on its biggest rival, Amazon. Earlier this month, he and Walmart +, whose. There is a 98-year membership plan, which includes free shipping, gas discounts and new payment tools on items of $ 35 and up. The service began in mid-September.

Its primary business is groceries, accounting for more than half of its sales. But grocery is a reputable low-margin business. So Walmart has been making inroads into its clothing and home appliance offerings in recent years. He just launched a new clothing brand called Free Assembly, a 55-part collection ranging from 9 9 to 45.
Competitors have had success, including their own private-label clothing brand Target (T.G.T.), Amazon (AMZN) And also Costco (Costs).