Mars trip ‘understood only by black Americans’, NASA tweets, celebrates renaming of headquarters building – RT USA News

The U.S. space agency has renamed its DC headquarters after NASA’s first black female engineer, Mary Jackson, the agency celebrated with a poem on the subject of “going to Mars” despite a planned return to the moon.

Long just called “NASA Headquarters,” The official name of the Washington, DC building was changed in honor of Jackson on Friday. She became the space agency’s first black female engineer in 1958, seven years after joining the predecessor National Advisory Committee Aeronautics (NACA).

When Jackson died in 2005 and was not known to have worked on any Mars-related projects during his lifetime, poet Nikki Giovanni paid tribute to the engineer, and celebrated with a poem naming the building. “Going to Mars.”

because “We have rockets, and fuel, and money and stuff.” Giovanni said NASA would eventually start sending humans back to the moon. The only reason NASA had control behind them was their lack of control – “They don’t know what they’re going to send back.”, She said.

The journey to Mars can only be understood by black Americans

This is not the first move regarding change in naming culture at NASA. In 2019, the agency unveiled Project Artemis as a more egalitarian complement to the Apollo mission, which aims to send the first woman (and the first man in 50 years) to the moon by 2024. However, the Trump administration stopped playing positive action. Games with the crew, whose selection has not yet been made at any rate.

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NASA says moon by 2024 ‘is no longer real,’ but Artemis keeps program despite lack of funding

NASA is repeatedly pushing back the crucial deadline for Artemis, which will require completely new hardware and extensive testing for the next generation of lunar landing hardware. The deadline of 2024 by the end of 2020 was already seen as optimistic, in recent developments it is all impossible but impossible. NASA said Congress is largely hungry for the funding program, with છેલ્લા 50 million allocated in its last spending bill compared to the ૨ 2.8 billion sought by the agency.

As a result, the agency quietly postponed a two-month timetable for lunar lender contracts out in late January, insisting that more time was needed to determine if the Human Lending System (s) proposals would receive funding. While Blue Origin, SpaceX and Dynamics are competing for all of these jobs, they now have until the end of April to submit their proposals, which NASA hopes will “Seamless transition” In the second phase of the project.

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U.S.  And friendly countries sign Artemis Accords to lunar moon - but hard to reach satellite without Russian help

Previous U.S. The administration sent a treaty div in October “Use of the Moon, Mars, Comets and Asteroids for Peaceful Purposes” With seven other countries, while leaving Russia and China, which had more lunar exploration experience. President Donald Trump has been vocal about arming space with his space force, but it is unclear to what extent his successor, Joe Biden, plans to continue the project, turning the area into a field and pledging to complete the 1967 Outer Term Treaty. – or an outside world NATO.

Biden himself is relatively quiet about his predecessor’s dreams of space exploration and exploitation, with more U.S. troops in Syria. Wasting some time after its inauguration before sending troops. Fighting wars in the Middle East – The president seems less interested in fighting wars in space than in the tradition of his predecessors.

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