Mario Kart 8: Mushroom Cup Guide – Hints, Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks and more


This series is an exciting journey with many hidden routes that will take you ahead of the competition.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe launched in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch to receive criticism from fans and critics alike, not to mention that it has really stood the test of time and arguably maintains its status as one of the most beloved and beloved titles on Switch.

For those unfamiliar with the Switch version, the game takes on the classic Mario Kart 8 for WiiU released in 2014 and revamps it with better graphics and new features.

The Mushroom Cup is one of the brightest series in the game.

This is all you need to know.

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Mario Kart Stadium

The first track is the Mario Kart Stadium, this is a nice track, simple but fun for you to start and enter the game.

It is relatively easy to navigate this track well, and it contains some shortcuts in grassy areas to reduce time.

TRACK DESIGN: This track is simple for you to get started in the game.

The track has three main bends that are best handled using drift to traverse them as fast as possible to maintain momentum, another useful trick is to use mushroom enhancers to boost it even more as you move around corners to maximize results.

Drifting madness: you’re going to want to take advantage of drifting

The first turn on the track features a shortcut you’ll want to use to your advantage, and collect coins along the way to increase your collection.

Other notable parts of the track include the U-turn which is divided into three different paths, you better choose the blue path because it is the fastest of the three and contains a shortcut inside.

Water park

The second one you can board is the Water Park track, a more complex track than Mario Kart Stadium, but a much more enjoyable exciting ride with the added benefit of having water to help you.

water park
TRACK DESIGN: This elegant water based track is simple but very nice

The track features an aquatic amusement park backdrop and many watery areas, giving you the ability to truly showcase your anti-gravity skills with the large loop-up section.

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A useful trick when competing on this track is to take advantage of the submarines that appear in the water segments of the track, if you touch its wheels you get a speed increase that is always an advantage.

water park
ZERO GRAVITY – This track has zero gravity sections in abundance

Other notable parts of the track include the Ferris wheel during the slip portion, which can be a hazard if you don’t get out of the way in time.

It is better to slide through it and continue, but be careful with the cars.

Sweet sweet cannon

The cup’s third and sweetest track is Sweet Sweet Canyon, a sweet and eye-catching sickly track filled with sweet-themed elements like sugary cones to designate twists.

However, don’t be fooled by its sweet exterior, this track has some difficult parts hidden inside.

TRACK DESIGN – This sweet and glorious track is surprisingly complicated in places

One of the best parts of the track is that it starts by throwing everyone into a cannon, giving you an instant boost and allowing you to easily slide down the first strait.

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After you’ve slipped in from the cannon launch, it’s best to scroll along the giant U-turn that greets you when you land. It is best to get as close to the wall as possible to reduce time.

AIRBOURNE: get ready for a lot of sliding on this track

Other notable areas of the trail include the shortcut for the big Piranha plant, it’s best to scroll around the Piranha plant as best you can and then start drifting again to get through the donut.

This is a particularly difficult shortcut, but doing so can help you in the long run.

Thwomp Ruins

The fourth and final track in the cup is Thwomp Ruins, probably the most devilish track in the cup due to the notorious Thwomp villains from Mario games that act as barriers at the end of the course.

This track has a great backdrop of ancient jungle ruins that allows for some quirky shortcuts and anti-gravity is a great feature on this one.

TRACK DESIGN: This may seem like a simple clue but it has some tricks in store

From the beginning, there is a shortcut you can use, you can use the grass by the side of the road, but unless you have a mushroom that propels you, it could end up slowing you down so be careful with this one.

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Once you enter the tunnel, you will see an anti-gravity section on the right, it is best not to use this as it will slow you down. Instead, slide down the left side of the track until the sparks turn red and speed up.

LOCK THWOMPS: a potential danger if you don’t avoid them in time

Other important segments of the track include the outside of the track that Thwomps presents.

These familiar enemies act as bollards if you hit them, so to avoid them, take the quickest route and head straight for the center and turn around the Thwomp.

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