Margot Robbie to star in new Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Illustration of article titled Margot Robbie to star in new iPirates Of The Caribbean / imovie completely different from all those old iPirates / imovies

Photo: VALERIE MACON / AFP (fake pictures)

THR report today that Margot Robbie and writer Christina Hodson, who recently teamed up for Warner Bros. ‘cheerfully vulgar ode to egg sandwiches, Birds of prey-They have put a new project together: a new movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Or, at least, on loose affiliates Pirates of the Caribbeanbranded universe, based on movies in theme parks, or whatever you want to call it, how THR points out that this new movie supposedly will have an absolutely null connection with any of the previous Disney Pirates Movie (s. Instead, it will be “a totally original story with new characters under the Pirates nickname “, without associations with any actor or character that may have been associated with that name.

The film, also different, how does it happen, of Chernobyls Craig Mazin own Attempts to “restart” the franchise, which is It is also theorized to be, at least in part, de-Depp-utize the still-for-profit brandIt’s the second team between Robbie and Hodson, which also formed an initiative in 2019 to encourage studios to hire more female identification writers. Between the two of them, they’ve been quite successful in Hollywood lately; Robbie comes from a year that he saw his star in both Bomb and Once upon a time … in Hollywood, while Hodson’s recent credits include Bumblebee and the script for the next The flash movie. And now pirates! Perfectly funny pirates, who don’t ask about rum, and who are completely free of scandals and accusations, except in the funny and pirate way.

That’s fine.