Mandalandian Ryan Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Ahsoka Tano Reveals Baby Yoda


You can’t see it, but Baby Yoda is in a tiny little poison next to Mando.


The Mandlorian Season 2 of Baby Yoda responded Friday, episode 5 hits Disney Plus. After leading to one side The main revelation In last week’s episode about the plans for the royal relics, Mando (Pedro Pascal) continues His quest To bring Baby Yoda (Aka The Child) to East JD Ahsoka Tano In JD’s previous years.

Episode 5, titled JD, was directed by Dave Philoni, The man behind the CGI animated series Clone Wars And Rebels (He also played one New Republic X-Wing Pilot And directed Two Episodes Last season).

Let’s have a sea wedding Spoiled.


Baby Yoda’s real name

Mando finds Ahoska Tano, the former encampment of the late Anakin Skyweker, in the forest in the city of Calodon – or in the wild cut – the planet of Corvus. She played by Rosario Dawson, she was Reported earlier this year, Which you’ll probably remember playing Claire Temple Netflix’s Marvel show.

She talks to Baby Yoda by force, and we learn her real name – Grogu.

Sounds a bit like the name of the hut, but it’s still better than Yaddal. Replace those “Baby Yoda” tattoos for the better and revisit all those “The Child” merchants. Ahsoka doesn’t name her species – she doesn’t know – so we have to keep calling her “Yoda species”.

Ahsoka said Grugu was raised in the JD temple in Kuruskant and had received training from several masters. The empire was then hidden Order 66’d In exchange for Jeth Seth – but by whom ?! He has hidden his powers of staying away from the empire’s radar for years – we know from the rebels that interrogators hunt sensitive animals for Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.

“I’m so scared of you,” he tells Gregg, pointing to Unaki’s line in Phantom Menace.

To be fair, Mando brings him into some horrible situations Killing droids, Flamethrower-welding stormstroppers And Dragon. I will become a permanent state of fear.

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Screenshots -2020-11-27-at-12-03-27.png

Ahsoka Tano and his white-bladed lightbars look epic in live action.

Lucasfilm / screenshot shot by Sean Keane / CNET

Ahsoka’s live-action debut

Ahsoka’s story was mostly in the CGI animated series The Clone Wars – see this year’s final season for some Epic Ahosoka action – and rebels. This is our first time seeing Ehsoka in live action, and not the first time she has been voiced by actor Lee Shelley Extin (who also did). A sound cameo In The Rise Skef Skyver). I connected Estein with the character so strongly that it was a little strange to hear her in a different voice, but by the end of the episode I had fully accepted Davson in the role.

If you want to avoid spoilers for clone wars and rebels – two shows I recommend you watch immediately – maybe skip the next paragraph.

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Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka JD left the order And Survived The rise of the empire before re-emerging during the events of the rebellion. She says “I’m not a JD” when she encounters Varder among the rebels, but doesn’t deny it when people refer to her as one in this episode – either she admits she’s too JD or she’s tired of correcting people. Is gone. (Maybe she should print on a t-shirt?).

The last time we saw Ahoska in the Rebels epilogue that happened after the events of Return the F JD is unclear – whether it happened before or after this episode is unclear – when he joined Mandal or Ryan Sabin Rain in search of JD Padavan Ezra Bridge missing.

Also, its White blade lightburs Watch dope in live action! These are the first traditional lightshavers we’ve seen in this show, as we’ve only seen before DarkSaber. At 31:55, she activates them just like she did before the fight with Vander in the rebels.

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80s hero Michael Behen plays the role of shock face enforcer Lang.


Connection is restricted

Ahsoka refuses to train Grogu because he is so attached to Mando, fearing Bond will bring him into the dark.

“I’ve seen what such feelings can do to a fully trained JD Knight,” he says. “The best of us.”

She is referring to Anakin, whose association with his mother and Padma Amidla led him all the way to Darth Vader-y and engaged in antisocial behavior such as threatening to activate his lightshaver in a room full of children and strangling his wife.

It’s a good call, because Grugu’s connection with Mando has already resulted in him. Suffocation.

However, it does provide an alternative to Mando – bring Grogu to the top of a rock on top of a mountain on the ruins of a temple on the planet Tython. There, the little guy can be reached by force and the JD can feel his presence.

“Then, there aren’t many JDs left,” he says.

Maybe name them Ahosoka! That would work – right now, we know about Luke Skywer and Leah Organa. The Ezra Bridge is probably alive, and we don’t know what happened from Sere Junda to Kal Castis. Both survived the events JD: Fallen Order, Which was held earlier New hope, But it seems unlikely that the characters from the video show will play a major role in the show.

If Luke arrives, the show will have to re-release or D-Edge actor Mark Hamill (or hide his face). Going with Luke also indicates Grogu’s dark fate, as Jan Solo, who was training with Jane, was killed when he was killed. Turned to the dark side.


Magistrate Morgan Elizabeth lives in luxury, while the rest of the city lives in confusion and fear.



This episode also reveals that Ahosoka hunts Grand Admiral Throne, The royal villain who disappeared with Ezra in the final season of Rebels – this indicates that the Throne has resurfaced in the decades since those events. Magistrate Morgan Elizabeth (Diana Lee Innocento) is apparently his projector.

The magistrate is very ruthless and meaningful because his people were killed in the Clone Wars. She went into the business of plundering the world to help build the Imperial Starfleet, which was probably meant to rob the planets of their natural resources and change the atmosphere. Adding insult to injury, she has reduced the people of Kalodan to living in a slum-like situation.

It is possible that he will continue his work of building a fleet for future first orders, but the place of the Throne in that regime (if he has one) is unclear.

He plays the ancient rivalry between Mandoro and Jedi, so that the meat is hunted by Ahosoka, and gives him a sweet beskar spear (which he also gets at the end).

Her Gone Lang (Michael Behen) mando is arranged as a dark mirror. It’s a mercenary without compassion – like Boba Fat In the original trilogy – hint at what might happen if it were Left Grogue With royal relics in season 1.

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Grugu Cuteness

The little guy gets a few nice moments in this episode. Grogu uses Force to steal Steak Shift, which he picks up in Season 1, Bubbles surprisingly when Mando uses his real name, and Mendo falls asleep when he returns after freeing Caldon. Is.

Easter eggs and observations

  • Composer Ludwig G. Ranson works on the theme of Ahasoka written by Kevin Kinner for the Clone Wars, shortly after this episode.
  • The show follows the creation of the Rebels, seemingly focusing on introducing new characters and creating its own corner of the universe in the first season, then bringing in familiar faces from other movies and other shows.
  • Diana Lee Innocento is the daughter-in-law of late martial arts icon Bruce Lee.
  • Michael Bean played Kyle Reese in Terminator and Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens.
  • “A Mandlorian and a JD?” They will never see it coming. “The action in this episode is top notch, especially as Ahsoka hunts scout guards in the mist, activating and deactivating his white-bladed lightbars to destroy between attacks.
  • Ahoska smiles happily when he remembers Yoda. She also has to explain the force to Mando because it is possible (and probably because of it). A sect-like group of Mandlorians He kept that knowledge from him).
  • When she loses one of her lightshavers, she turns the other one into her classic contrast grip.
  • Magistrate’s Droid Bodyguards are HK-87 units – Knights of the Old Republic fans will fondly remember the HK-47f as we are.
  • As the homeworld of the JD Order, Tython plays a major role in the continuity of legends. It is the starting point for JD Knight and consular characters in the Old Republic, and is featured in the early JD comics. In Cannes, it is considered the first possible location for the JD temple – approval for the content of legends.
  • Fans of Ahsoka will be happy to see a Kander Morai seen in Clone Wars and Rebels here as well (at 15:34, as Mando searches for Ahsoka). In Season 3 of Clone Wars, Mortis is an arrow-like creature who is a friend of Ahsoka, and is usually seen in the episode where the former Jedi appears. Thanks to CNET Reader Cresor for the timecode!
  • At about 31:48 we will see a corpse-cat – a regular sight among the rebels.

Mando discovers the planet Corvis.


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