Makeup tips and tricks that always work


Use your lip gloss as eyeshadow

Use your lip gloss as an eye shadow makeup trick

If you want some shimmer gloss on your eyelids, use your lip gloss on your eye and combine it with matte lips

Frequently asked questions about makeup tips and tricks

Q. What are the different tricks and simple tips for applying makeup?

TO. If you are a beginner you are makeup tips and tricks will help you do it right.

-Heat your mask in a glass with hot water before applying to obtain a smooth product on the stick. Apply primer and hide your eyes before apply eyeshadow for a better look.

– Apply a little powder on the face between applying the primer and the base to avoid a greasy appearance.

-Close your kajal for longer by adding a layer of eyeshadow over it. Expose your kajal pencil to a little heat to soften it up a bit, so that it slides easily into your line under the eye.

-To cover your undone eyebrows, apply a little concealer to each side to hide extra hair.

-Make your mascara last longer by adding a few drops of saline water. If you’re applying a double coat of mascara, divide it with a little loose powder for longer, fuller lashes.

-Eye makeup before making your base. Use a spoon or tape to get the perfect eyeliner.

Do your makeup under natural light for best results

Always close your makeup in a fixing or setting spray.

Don’t share your makeup with anyone for hygiene purposes.

-Clean your face before applying and after makeup remover to protect your skin from any damage

Q. What are the different tips and tricks for using a makeup product in multiple ways?

TO. These are the different ways you can use your makeup products.
-You can use your eyeshadow palette like a color concealer palette.

-Mix your highlighter with BB cream or base to create a wet strobe light.

-You can also use your shiny lip gloss as bright eyeshadow and your material lip liner like a matte eyeshadow for a pop of color.

-Use your creamy blush for a little pink tint on your eye.

-Reuse your lipstick with pink and peach shadow like a blush.

-You can contour your nose and with a bronzer to give it that sculpted and shiny look.

The lip balm can also be used as a layer of gloss on the cheeks, as a highlighter.

-You can create your own BB cream if you mix your base with your sunscreen, moisturizer and highlighter.