Major Internet Outage: Dozens of websites and apps shut down

Hulu, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Fidley, Discord and dozens of other services reported connectivity issues on Sunday morning. Cloudflare says the problem is third-party. “Transport provider, “And his service was becoming increasingly stable throughout the day.

“Today we saw a massive Internet outage today that affected multiple providers,” said John Graham-Cumming, Cloudflare CTO. “CloudFlare’s automated systems detect the problem and move around, but the extent of the problem also requires manual intervention.”

Graham-Cumming claimed that the Internet service provider Centurilink (CTL) Were responsible for the outage, which took Cloudflare and many of its customers with them.

Centurilink, formerly known as Level 3, confirmed that there is an IP outage affecting the Content Delivery Network (CDN), and that all services have been restored by 11-15 AM ET. The telecommunications company said it was unable to comment on specific customers due to customer-owned network information.

The Down Detector, which displays reports of Internet and service outages, showed reports of Internet connectivity in the United States and Europe on Sunday morning.

Services such as CloudFlare are designed to prevent distributed rejection of service attacks, in which a vast network of computers sends malicious traffic to websites to take them offline. Services also help sites run smoothly when traffic spikes occur during the shopping season or when a site hosts a viral video.