Madonna shares the same coronavirus video as Trump, Instagram flags: report

Instagram reportedly marked a post on Madonna’s account on Tuesday after the iconic singer republished the same coronavirus video that was shared by President Trump that prompted Twitter to delete his tweet.

USA Today reported that the video that was linked to their account, followed by 15 million, was deleted with a warning stating that the video contained “False Information.”

“The truth will set us all free,” he wrote, according to the Daily Mail. “But some people don’t want to hear the truth.”

Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., and others shared the video of a group of doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 on Facebook and Twitter, prompting both companies to remove the content.

The decision to remove the videos sparked conservative “censorship” claims, with Simone Gold, one of the doctors, tweeting that “there are always opposing views in medicine.”


“The treatment options for COVID-19 should be debated and discussed among our colleagues in the medical field,” he wrote. “However, they should never be censored and silenced.”

Associated Press contributed to this report.