MacCrone says French police beat Black Man ‘shamefully’.

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that he was “ashamed” of the video of police officers beating a black man and condemned violence by and against police.

Mr Macron called on the government to reaffirm the link between the French and their defenders and to come up with a proposal for speedy discrimination.

Mr Macron’s public comment, posted on Facebook, was his first, as forcible uncontrolled use by police has been used in the last two episodes. Michelle Zeckler, the creator of Black Music, was beaten a few days ago in a video released on Thursday. The migrants were then brutally evacuated by police in Paris Plaza, which was also documented on video.

Mr Zeckler said in an interview with the Associated Press that officials had insulted him, including a very strong racist remedy. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

The incidents come amid controversy over a new French security law, particularly an article that makes it an offense to publish images of officers with intent to harm. Civil liberties groups and journalists are concerned that the move would expose and blame police brutality. Protests are planned around France on Saturday.

In his Facebook message, Mr MacCrone said he believed the police should do “exemplary” fashion with people and vice versa. That means, he said, that he would “never accept” violence against the police or accept violence from them.

“Those who make sure the law is enforced should respect the law,” he said.

Mr Macron, apparently responding to his widely perceived criticism with the news media, insisted that he enthusiastically believes in freedom of expression and freedom of the press. “The values ​​of the republic are not negotiable,” he said.

Officers involved in Mr Zeckler’s beating were suspended during an internal police investigation.