While most of us know Xiaomi for its extensive smartphone lineup, it keeps a large ecosystem of IoT products back home. Looking specifically at smart speakers, Xiaomi has a bunch on offer fur, but they all use a local voice assistant that only speaks Chinese. One of those speakers will now make an international entry into Google Assistant and Chromecast as the MI Smart Speaker on board.

The Mia Smart Speaker is comparable in size to Google Home and delivers 12W of output using its 2.5 ”forward-facing driver. This directional audio dio can come in handy when you combine two units for a stereo setup. The metal-bent unit has its touch controls at the top, while the ring light, heavily inspired by the Amazon Echo range, surrounds the top edge. It also has two remote microphones to select your voice commands. The whole design from the Boss Home speaker line-up takes some heavy hints.

As mentioned earlier, the smart speaker gets its smarts from Google Assistant, which comes with a full bouquet of connected features, including the ability to speak both Hindi and English in India’s first launch market. It should work just like your normal Google-branded speakers, except for some features that land on the Home / Nest units first.

You can set up Xiaomi speakers using the Google Home app. It is priced at 99,999 (~ 55) in India, but you can get it at one 3,499 ($ ​​47) as part of the initial-bird offer fur of MI.com, Flipkart.com and Xiaomi’s offline flyline retail network – at this time rate, you get a stereo pair Can catch two and pay less than the price of the next nest Audio Dio alone. Buyers will also receive a free 1-year subscription to the local music streaming app Gana.