Liverpool’s Thiago Alcantara tests positive for Covid-19 Liverpool

Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara has tested positive for the Covid-19. The 29-year-old, who beat Arsenal 3-1 on Monday, showed minor symptoms of the virus, but is in good health and is recovering, the club said.

Liverpool added: “The club has all the protocols related to Covid-19 and Thiago and will abide by them,” Liverpool added.

Jim Mox, the club’s first-team doctor, said: “It’s up to everyone to decide whether or not to make the results of the Covid-19 test public. We have followed all the protocols of the letter and Thiago is right. According to the guide he will now be self-separated and hopefully he will be back with us soon. “

Thiago joined Liverpool from Bayern Munich on 18 September for an initial fee of 20 million and a 2-0 win over Chelsea two days later. He shone as a substitute for the second half and there was a lot of excitement among Liverpool fans at the prospect of seeing him make a full debut against Arsenal. That didn’t happen and the self-isolation i.e. Spaniard will also miss the game against the same opponents in Thursday’s Carabao Cup as well as Sunday’s Aston Villa League visit. However, he should be available for a trip to Everton on 17 October.

After the win against Arsenal, J સારીrgen Klopp said that after the international break, he would be fine. “For sure and that’s the position”

Liverpool’s second signing during the current transfer window was Diego Jota and he not only showed up against Arsenal, but also scored as a second-half substitute. Speaking afterwards, the Portuguese said: “When you get to the team that became the world champion, you always try to adapt as fast as possible. The way they welcomed me is exceptional. “