Live Tony Awards 2020 Nominations: “Jagged Little Peel” and “Slave Play” Lead the Race

‘Jagged Little Peel’ is ahead in the race for the best new musical, followed by ‘Moulin Rage!’

A momentary show about a defeated suburban family with issues of addiction, sexual assault, international adoption and marital conflict, “Jagged Little Peel”, to name a few – received 15 Tony Award nominations on Thursday, including the most cut in the 2019-20 Broadway season. The show.

Inspired by the 1995 album Alenis Moriset, “Jagged” will be in a tight race with “Moulin Rou J”! Musical, ”an interesting stage about the curvy Lucie nightclub in Paris, which received 14 nominations. “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical” is the third contender in the best musical race.

This year’s much-delayed awards cycle comes at a very trying time for the theater industry, when commercial production across the country has almost completely shut down due to the coronavirus epidemic, leaving most theater performers unemployed. But industry leaders have decided to go ahead with the awards ceremony, deciding that they want to honor the best of the 18 shows opening between April 2019 and February this year.

Only four new musicals, 10 new plays and four plays were eligible for revival nominations. In contrast, there were 34 shows under consideration for the award last year.

There was just one new musical this season with the original score, “The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical.” It was penned by critics and stripped by the nominees, who also excluded it from the best score category – which, in rare steps, included only the scores of plays.

Nominations were announced online this year during the year of social distance. The host was James Monroe Eaglehart, the 2014 Tony winner for “Aladdin”.

“History has shown us that theater was at the core of every great society.” “Theater has always been and always will be. The theater is constant. ”

“Slave Play,” a play that explores the legacy of American slavery through fictional sexual therapy for international couples, received 12 nominations, and emerged as a leading contender in the race for the best new play.

The play, held at a New York theater workshop before arriving on Broadway last fall, was praised by critics, and its young author, Jeremy O. Harris, emerged as an important new cultural voice.

“Slave Play” was closely followed in the nomination by Matthew Lopez’s bursting rough “The Legacy” on the EM Forster novel “Howard’s End”, considering the effects of the length of the AIDS crisis by two pay generations of gay men in contemporary New York. “Heritage” received 11 nominations.

Those plays will confront “The Sound Inside,” a two-handed catch of Adam Rapps about the relationship between a university professor and his obscure writing student with cancer; “Grand Horizons” by Bess Wohl; And “Sea and Wall Life,” by Simon Stephens and Nick Payne.

‘A Soldier’s Game’ receives consent for its delayed Broadway debut.

Charles Fuller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1981 play “A Soldier’s Game,” about racism in the American military, received seven Tony nominations, a revival of any play.

Broadway Productions, presented by the nonprofit Roundbout Theater Company and directed by Kenny Leon, was the long-awaited moment for Fuller, 81.

The play’s nominees included Blair Underwood and David Allen Gear, as well as its set, costumes, lighting and direction.

Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal” and Terrence McNally’s “Frankie and Johnny in Claire de Luni” starry revolvers will have to face “a soldier’s game”.

There are no character musical revivals. The production of “West Side Story” was deemed unfit for competition because it opened in late February, and Tony voters managed to see it before the shutdown in March, eliminating that category.

We don’t know yet when the Tony Awards will take place.

This year’s Tony Awards ceremony was originally scheduled for June 7 at the Radio City Music Hall, and was scheduled to air on CBS. None of that happens anymore.

So what is the plan? We don’t know yet.

Award administrators expect the ceremony to take place in December or January, but expect to wait until next month’s presidential election before setting a date. They did not describe the constitution, but indicated that the ceremony would be personal, virtual. And they have not yet said how it will air, although they expect it to be an online stream, not a television one.

There are about 800 Tony voters here, most of whom work in the theater industry as producers, actors, designers and so much more; Only viewers of each nominated show in the category can vote in that category. Tony officials say each nominated show was watched by at least a few hundred voters, and that the number of eligible voters for each category is the same as in other years. Award administrators have not yet said when voting will take place.

Tony’s, founded in 1947 and formally known as the Antoinette Perry Awards, is represented by the American Theater Wing and the Broadway League. The awards honor plays and musicals performed at Broad1 Broadway theaters, each with at least 100 seats, and most of them around Times Square.

This may be the last Tony Award for a while. Given that the Broadway League has canceled performances during at least May 30 after the traditional season ended, there is unlikely to be a 2020-21 Broadway season.