Neither pay nor forgive: dozens of employees felt hostage to a well-known company


Employees of the well-known armored door company Plieninis Skydas and of the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation representing their interests were presented on the portal.

Employees complain that they have not received wages since November last year. In total, the company owes more than half a million euros to employees.

“It just came to our attention then. They write requests to resign, but the company does not notify Sodra, so the employees cannot apply to the Employment Service.

Subsequently, the employees filed for bankruptcy of the company to receive benefits from the Guarantee Fund, which provides guarantees to employees in the event of the insolvency of their employer. However, the court’s decision to initiate bankruptcy was appealed and returned for reconsideration, ”the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation commented on the situation.

The employees allegedly requested help in almost all cases: the State Labor Inspectorate, the Labor Disputes Commission, the court, Sodra. This had prohibited the company from hiring employees, but for some reason it later gave permission again.

“The company is accepting new people who leave again after a month and a half without receiving salary. Also, even when the company paid wages illegally, wages were paid in envelopes. The Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT ) has already started an investigation into the shares of the company, “said company staff.

The FNTT confirmed to the portal that a pre-trial investigation is currently underway, for which it did not reveal any further details related to the company.

And according to employees, the company that makes armored doors is misleading not only them, but also customers.

“Even knowing about the bankruptcy, you continue to receive advances from clients, although the job is unlikely to get done,” the employees explained.

The manager did not agree to communicate

Rolandas Guobys, CEO of Plieninis Skydas, can communicate with the portal by phone or email. reluctantly mail.

After communicating with company management, the respondent assured that there was no manager, but did not contact the manager the next day.

The SLI received 85 complaints

The State Labor Inspectorate confirmed that in 2020, the SLI Labor Disputes Commission (DGK) received 85 requests to investigate labor disputes with the company “Steel Shield”.

“All applications are for wages. Some applications also included claims for a termination statement.

Of the requests received, 58 were examined and resolved in favor of the employees and decisions were made on the recognition of termination due to dismissal of employees. Other requests are still pending.

VDI also carried out 7 inspections of this company based on the complaints received. For violations of the procedure for calculating and paying wages, a protocol of administrative misconduct was drawn up for the employer and a fine was imposed, ”VDI said in a comment.

Employees have to wait

The insolvency administrator Vėjūnas Klimas assured that on 23 September the bankruptcy case against Plieninis Skydas was reopened.

For the time being, the specialist advises company employees to simply wait for the court order to take effect. And this must take effect within 7 days.

“And once the ruling takes effect, request the insolvency administrator for insolvency. This must be applied to the guarantee fund so that employees receive money from it, ”said the specialist.

V. Klimas also assured that when a company goes bankrupt, its manager cannot hire new employees.

“However, it happens that workers who do not hate leave work and work has to continue, so new employees are hired instead,” explained the specialist.