assumes responsibility but has no intention of resigning


“As I mentioned, I take responsibility for the overall management of the pandemic. Progress is made through daily work. I see this as my responsibility. That is what I am doing,” said the minister.

Commenting on the President’s speech on two paths, one of which A. Dulkys will have to choose, he pointed out that the most important path at this time is the movement towards the highest possible level of immunization of the population.

“It seems to me that the main road now, in addition to the daily work I have already mentioned, is how many Lithuanian people can feel safe during a pandemic. And that security is the degree of our immunization. Immunization freedom changes by approximately one percentage point each week.

If we implement the main and effective measure, vaccination, that security and their feeling would grow faster ”, explained A. Dulkys.

On Friday, President G. Nausėda declared that he saw two paths for the future of Health Minister A. Dulkis: either he must provide solutions to handle the coronavirus pandemic or he leave.

In this situation, the question is simple, there are two paths for the minister: either he says he knows how to make progress, or if he does not see how to do it, he honestly confesses and does not take the Government. hostage, “said G. Nausėda.

He noted that this decision should be made by Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

“If the Prime Minister does not make this decision today, Mr. A. Dulkys, if he admits that it is difficult for him to get along, he can help the Prime Minister, the path is very simple,” said G. Nausėda.