Lineswoman Djokovic was threatened with death after being hit on the ball

According to a tennis source, Kentucky’s U.S. Open linewoman Novak Djokovic’s tennis ball is hitting her throat, according to a tennis source.

The injured linewoman is Laura Clark of Owensboro, Kentucky. The incident was a huge favorite and the top seed to win the pun due to Djokovic’s incompetence.

The UST was reluctant to reveal his name because of death threats and derogatory comments made by trolls on his social media accounts.

Clark is resting comfortably in a hotel and is being supervised by the tournament’s doctor cutter. He will return to work when she and the doctor deem it appropriate, the source said.

After losing the 11th game of the match, Djokovic hit a ball on the backcourt and struck Clarke, who collapsed on the court. Under Grand Slam guidelines regarding “ball abuse”, Djokovic was considered “reckless” from the tournament.

“I have been one of them. Honestly, I feel horrible for her. I feel horrible for all. No one wants to be in that position, “said Denis Shapovalov, who in the 2017 David Cup match accidentally kicked a lineman in the eye for hitting a ball.

“Just a fluke. Accidents like this happen. Same with me. ”

The Open has 74 line umpires – below the normal amount. Due to the epidemic, external courts this year are being run by chair umpires and an electronic computer system.