Lindsay Graham runs for her life

“Lindsay, just making a man, says, ‘I’ve changed my mind,'” Harrison said in an interview after a “drive-in” rally with about 250 cars.

“I think people have become aware of the fact that this guy is more likely to be popular in DC in terms of speech. [voters’] Needs, ”Harris said,“ to beat Graham to appear on Sean Hannity every other night. “

Graham faces headwinds this year that were unexpected even a few months ago. He resorted to plugging his campaign website during a recent presentation on Fox News, which raised his 28 28 million fundraiser in the third quarter. While Harrison seems to be pulling a large crowd and gaining momentum, Graham is presenting confidence and making choices. Voting has a margin-of-error race.

“[Trump] Can be a handful; He can move on to his own success, “Graham said in a brief interview. “But as election day approaches, there is a comparison going on as to where the country will go under his leadership, led by his Democratic Party. And I think that day is going to be good for us. “

“This is not a personality contest,” Graham added, referring to Trump. “This is about the future of your country.”

But Trump’s glittering turnout is also creating problems for Graham. Harrison’s campaign has been making waves on airwaves and the web, with ads portraying the incoming as unreliable and two-faced, drawing attention to the transformation into a Trump cheerleader.

“[Voters] There is very little respect for hypocrites.

“And they look at these candidates, and when they can see the honesty, they buy into it. That’s what Jaime did, “added Kleiburn, who calls Harrison his protege.

On Friday, Graham declined to say whether Trump would help or harm him, even though he acknowledges the president.

Because all things being equal, a candidate with an “R” next to his or her name wins statewide, depending on the composition of the electorate in South Carolina. Graham is therefore seeking a fourth term by tweaking his bilateral credentials and presenting himself as a traditional Republican.

In reality, not everything is the same in this election, and 65-year-old Graham is nothing but a traditional Republican.

After backing the Tea Party, he ran for re-election in 2011, insulating himself against right-wing insults calling for his moderation on immigration and gun control, among other issues. He was once a Republican for Democrats who wanted to cut the deal, and in 2014 he stuck to his long-held beliefs and maintained his truth-reputation despite the primary challenge from the right.

It is not difficult to tell the difference between 2014 Graham and Graham 2020. On Friday he rallied with Nancy Messi, who challenged him from the right in 2014 and is now a first-term rapist. If running against Cunningham (DS.C.). Gace and Graham were bitter rivals, just as Graham and Trump were during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“He’s my teammate now,” Graham said in a brief interview. “This is just telling you that it’s not about Nancy and myself … we’ve put our differences aside to focus on the difference between us.”

Indeed, the Graham-Mass partnership is mutually beneficial. Republicans are in trouble here, and they are putting aside their various torture and litmus tests.

“It’s important … that we show unity to everyone,” Mehr said in a short interview after the rally with Graham.

Graham insists he hasn’t changed, despite his willingness to work with Trump, saying “I’m my own man.” He told reporters after Friday’s rally that he had voted for liberal judges Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, believed the climate was changing, and wanted undocumented immigrants to take the path to citizenship.

“[Harrison] Money is obtained from every liberal in the country who hates my courage. What’s going on here now Graham was right. “I am the person who has been sitting with the Democrats for over a decade, to fix a complex problem like immigration, to my own detriment. What has changed is the radical nature of the Democratic Party. “

But, Graham’s bipartisan past is not useful to him in 2020 – which is why he made no mention of it for tourists going to rallies wearing Trump shirts and holding signs of the Graham campaign. Instead, he faced the vague threats of the Democrats of reputation against the Republicans to push through Barrett. He warned voters that if Democrats, if they wield the levers of power in Washington, packed up the Supreme Court, they would control the “radical left”, get rid of the electoral college lease, allow illegal immigration to run rampant, and

Retired Pte and GOP voter Greg Powell, who attended Graham’s rally on Friday, said: “This is an election that needs to be fired. When asked about the flood of money from outside the state, Powell said: “On the bright side, I believe it’s good for the economy.”

Darren Sweet, a Graham voter, lamented that he had “no middle ground left” in the country and said he appreciated Graham working with Democrats in the past.

In the final days of the campaign, Graham Barrett is gearing up to encourage the state to promote his efforts. “I think there’s only one problem, if people are satisfied and they don’t vote.”

Harrison, 44, is an associate chairman of the Democratic National Committee and has previously served as chairman of the state Democratic Party. Republicans say their party ID is their biggest responsibility.

“Now that the campaign has started, the Graham Campaign has started to make people very aware of the status of the issue. [Harrison] Represents, represents his party, ”said state Republican Party chairman Drew McKisick. “And that regularly moves him more and more away from South Carolinas.”

Harris has made the competition competitive not only because of the money boat he raised, but his campaign has tried to get a large turnout in every corner of the state, which has failed not only Democrats, but Republicans as well.

Harrison’s ads – you can’t miss them when you turn on the TV – are growing more creatively as his campaign continues to draw in constantly evolving cash. A recent Harrison ad sought to draw construction party candidate Bill Bladeson to the hard-line voters who have since backed Graham, but he is on the ballot.

The announcement highlights Bladesoa’s support for Trump and his opposition to gun control legislation, which aims to oust traditionalists from the planet.

Graham and Trump have always been a strange pair, especially after their bitter feud during the 2016 campaign. Graham has said he wants to overcome his differences with Trump to become a better president and help his home state. But some Democrats see it as almost natural that one would have their attachment to the other.

“One of the reasons Lindsay and Trump get along so well is because of what they just say in their minds,” said Sen. Chris Kuns (D-Dale.). “There’s not much filtering.”

Harrison, a lawyer and former staffer at the Cliburn House office fee, became very animated when he spoke of Graham’s reversal of filling the Supreme Court seat in an election year. That was a betrayal, Democrats said.

“When you lie to your constituents,” Harris said, “this is the best travesty a public servant can ever do.”

Burgess Everett contributed to this report.