Liam Neeson Steals Action Peak, ‘The Honest Thief’ Thursday 225K Thursday Night – Domestic B.O. – Timeline

Update, Saturday morning: Of the open road Honest Thief Led with Friday 3 1.3 m Of the 2,425 theaters, a figure that is just under 4 1.4M Unhinged Its first U.S. joint venture on Friday. Debut-Canada did. The Liam Neeson film is moving towards that 6 3.6 m Three-day, and when it returns to Canada last week, its running cum will be approximately standalone. 1 4.1 m. Honest Thief Emax, Dolby and PLF, formats in which Nisson Action Pictures usually do not have access to a very competitive mainstream studio tentpole environment are getting an additional boost.

As a constant reminder, movie theaters in New York State and Los Angeles County remain closed as well as North Carolina. Movie theaters are open in a total of 48 states, but the No. 2 show is closed nationwide except for seven sites in Regal California.

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Directed by Mark Williams, co-creator of the Netflix Emmy winning series Ozark, Honest Thief Following a notorious bank robber who turns himself in when he wants to live an honest life, can only be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents. Kate Walsh and Jay Courtney were also stars.

On social media, Realmix observes it Honest Thief The campaign is proposed by videos.7M Facebook Views from 20 videos on Pick’s official facial page with an additional 10M views on YouTube from four trailers and spots.

Realmix reports, “Kate Walsh is a social star for loud and clear Honest Thief In its social media universe, it has 3.2M followers with 2.2M followers, plus Twitter K00K and Facebook’s 1.6K. She has enabled for the film between posts for her boyfriend perfume / beauty product line. “

Overall there is a positive trend for social media chatter Honest Thief With the next report from Realmix, “Liam Neeson never calls it wrong, when he says ‘he’s coming for you’ he’s coming to you ‘, crying fans added,’ I can never understand why people ever mess with Lim Fans are searching for content on Facebook and YouTube, as the weekend opens the chapter’s continuum production and hits the movie calendar calendar lander. Pulling a positive-swinging chatter for viewers. “

Critics may have slapped him Honest Thief % With a Rotten Score of 35% (only were0 movie reviews were reviewed) but Rotten Tomatoes viewers enjoyed Nissan’s picture 86 86%.

Second comes 101 Studios’ War with grandfather With 11 711K At 2,260 locations on Friday. Look for Robert De Niro-Uma Thurman family caddy to come about 4 2.4M, -35%. The 10-day cum of that picture. Will put on 7.1M.

Disney / Everett Collection

Disney had a one-two-punch with Halloween catalog titles in places 3 and 4, respectively, with this week’s re-release of Tim Burton’s production. Nightmare before Christmas And 3 of the week Manipulation. Nightmare Did 5 465K In 2,194 theaters yesterday, one was moving M 1M-plus On weekends, while Manipulation Did 1 251K Yesterday at 1,640, watching around the 3-day K 700 k.

Freestyle releases 2 Hearts, The huge weekend of 1,683 theaters ranks fifth among the estimated 3-days K 500K- 50 550K. 2 Hearts With an audience meter of 83%, 11% of the 18 reviews are rotten.

Liam Neeson is in the role of “Tom Carter” in the release of an open road film called “Honest Thief” by director Mark Williams.
Credit: Open Road Films

Open Road Films

Friday morning: Liam Neeson Action Movie of the Open Road Honest Thief 5 in the previews noted the first night during the 225K epidemic.

Out of Neeson’s action movies Took over In a generally healthy market, i.e. more than double or three times more than last year Cold detection Posted 40 540K on its Thursday preview, Commuter K did 700K, and Run all night Earned at 455K on its first night, however, we need to keep in mind that the No. 2 performer Regal is closed (except for seven theaters in California) and, of course, Los Angeles and New York are still shuttered. The industry estimates that Honest Thief The epidemic could make a similar opening for another meat and potato action movie aimed at older individuals during Solstice Studios. Unhinged, Which did M 4M at 1,823 locations in its first week (and not every exhibitor was open during the week of August 3-21); That Russell Crow movie is on track to do a 5x multiple with the M 20M domestic in its first huge weekend.

Most distributors didn’t like to report their Thursday night figures during the epidemic because it’s too low, but Intel is good on the open road here to share. The numbers help both exhibitors and distributors evaluate the status of office fees and make programming decisions.

Honest Thief Last weekend the U.S. got an early jump in Canada ahead of a broad break this weekend, earning 4 364K at 264 sites.

Honest Thief, The first release under Tom Ortenberg’s revived Open Road, has been booked in more theaters than Unhinged Its first week was with 2,425 places. It includes drive-ins nationwide, 180 IMAX sites, Dolby Vision and all other premium formats. San Francisco movie theaters have been allowed to open movie theaters in forty-eight states, with San Francisco movie theaters choosing not to open because local health officials are blocking the sale of discounts; This despite the fact that the county and city are in the Orange California area and can contain 50% movie theater capacity.

While movie theater marquees during the epidemic usually only include a huge weekend release (whenever it happens), this weekend Honest Thief YA is sharing multiplex space with freestyle releasing YA confidence based play 2 Hearts Starring Euphoria Star Jacob Allardy. That Lance Hull-directed and co-written movie runs 1,683 locations.

“Open Road is proud to support U.S. theaters with Lim Neeson,” Open Rtenberg said this morning. “We know that many Americans across the country are excited to return to the movies.”

There is a YA sequel on Open Road next week After V Collidade Available in theaters and at PVOD.