LG’s Stylo 5 launched almost a year ago with Android Pie. When we reviewed it, we noticed that the device had a good design and incredible battery life, but its prospects for software updates were unclear due to LG’s history. While the future is still far from certain, we are happy to see that LG is finally managing to give a major update to the phone, and the company is starting to unleash the Stylo 5 Android 10 update.

Reports on Reddit indicate that the new OTA update is available from multiple carriers, including at least Verizon and MetroPCS. The update brings with it the usual set of Android 10 features like gesture navigation and advanced privacy controls. If it’s not yet available for your device, it’s likely to be soon.

You may think that 10 months is a long time to wait for this, but consider yourself lucky. I shudder to think how long we’d be waiting if it weren’t for the LG Software Update Center working hard to provide us with quick updates. Other LG devices are waiting online, and according to the company’s roadmap, it will continue to update devices to Android 10 until later this year.