Legends Guide Season: Exclusion of Raids, Spawns, Eggs and Hemispheres

Season of Legends
Season of Legends

Season of Legends There is a new Pokemon going season, which runs from March 1st to June 1st, 2021. Season of Legends is celebrated in Pokemon Geo, including new Legend Pokemon and legendary trainers.

At the time of writing, Nintendo has shared an initial blog post announcing the new season. More details will be added to this guide after March 1st and as we collect more data.

New Legendary and Mega Raids

This season will begin with some legendary Pokemon making their Pokemon Go debutTherian form Tornadus, Therian Forme Thanduras, And Theorian form Landorus!

Season-Extra Special Research

Towards the beginning of the season, all trainers will have access to Season Le F Legends Special Research. Follow Professor Willow as he makes amazing discoveries about Thierry Forum Tornadus, Thierry Forum Thandurus and Thierin Form Landrus, the first three legendary Pokemon featured during this season. Complete this special research to earn Tornados, Thundurus and Landorus candy as well as other rewards.

Stay tuned for more details. There may be some other legendary faces who will be coming next season after Pokemon Go debuts, too! 🕵️

New Mega Raids

Starting March 1, Mega Raids will feature different mega-evolved Pok પોmon, And other mega-evolved Pokemon will enter Pokemon Go during the season period. Keep an eye out soon for more details, trainers!

New wild sponges

As the asons change, different types of Pokemon will appear in different habitats in the wild!

For example, if you see a mantine or frill near water, or when you are in the city, you will come across a volleyball or a glamorous! If you walk around grassy and forested areas, you will see the hopppip floating peacefully in the air.

This and many more Pokemon will appear more often in the wild, so stay tuned for more details!

Hemisphere-specific Pokemon

During this season, the types of Pokemon that appear more frequently in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, especially in the wild, will be expanded from last season (Celebration Season)!

Northern Hemisphere

In the Northern Hemisphere, you will encounter the following Pokમોmon in the wild:

  • Increased wild spons: Tanzela, Combi, Krogunk, Ducklet, and many more
  • Sinoh-Region Start: Tartwig, Chimchar and Peopleup
  • Rare encounter: Scyther, Draitini and Cotoni
  • Seasonal format: Spring form deerling

Southern Hemisphere

  • Increased wild spons: Monkey, Yanma, Buizel, Woobat and many more
  • Sinoh-Region Start: Snowy, Tapig and Oshowat
  • Rare encounter: Pineco, Bagon and Ferroseid
  • Seasonal format: Autumn form dealing

Comparison table

New Pokemon in the egg

Different Pokemon will hatch from all egg groups, regardless of which hemisphere you live in. The table below is not final and contains information published at the beginning.

Bonuses and items

You can look forward to more goodies this season, such as the following bonuses and items:

  • Players can only receive increased XP from a five-star raid this entire season.
  • Free remote raid passes will be available at certain times during the season. Stay tuned for more details on when these remote raid passes will be available in the store!

Throughout the season, you will have more chances to become legendary! March Community Day, Go B League Tall League Season 7, all new events and more will be coming. You can also look ahead to a series of events towards the end of the season that will definitely be legendary.