Learn 5 things for November 24: Biden, Coronavirus, Nigeria, China, Emissions

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1. Election 2020

2. Coronavirus

U.S. By January 20, 20 million cumulative coronavirus cases could be reached, according to a new forecast model. This means that – cases already at record highs in some areas – will then almost double. For two weeks now, the daily coronavirus has set a new record for hospital admissions. That number now exceeds 85,800. And that optimistic news about the AstraZeneca vaccine with an average effective rate of 70%? Medical experts still have many questions about those findings, such as what data led the drug manufacturer to conclude about its effectiveness. Whenever a vaccine is made available, the U.S. Department of Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee. Members of the centers are reminding people that they may feel uncomfortable for a while after being vaccinated – a common side effect of such states.

3. Nigeria

Nigerian officials in the city of Lagos are investigating the firing of protesters by military forces during a demonstration of anti-police brutality last month. However, the main body of evidence raises more questions than answers. The Lagos Toll Gate shooting this weekend was played for the Lagos State Government’s security camera footage judicial panel. The footage shows soldiers going to protest and firing shots, but it stops at a critical moment when another video from the scene shows the army firing directly at protesters. The US and UK have called on Nigeria to ensure that its shootings are investigated – and that the weeks-long protests leading up to the incident are free and fair.

4. China

China seems to be building a lot on the disputed border with India and Bhutan. The Doklama area of ​​the Himalayas lasted for months in the year 2017 and the U.S. A satellite image of the located company shows “significant construction activity,” including the construction of “new military storage bunkers”. The Doklam area has been claimed by both China and Bhutan, but it is also strategically important to India. Not only are Bhutan and India traditional allies, but earlier this year, there was a separate clash between China and India in another disputed border area, in which 20 soldiers were killed. This pattern of Chinese fortification and potential border encroachment echoes the country’s recent behavior in the South China Sea, where it has reduced its position in some disputed areas.

5. Emissions

Remember when we hoped that plummeting epidemic travel would lead to clean air? That did not happen. The World Meteorological Organization says the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a new record high this year. As it turned out, the epidemic drop in carbon emissions was just a small blip on a very large landscape. In related news, General Motors announced that it was withdrawing support from the Trump administration’s law, which aims to set California’s own decades-old auto-emissions rules, which are generally stricter than federal regulations. Other automakers joined Trump’s claim, saying they feared compliance with the two standards. However, moving forward with the new administration next year, G.M. Speaking, Biden appointed a new presidential envoy to address the weather crisis: former Secretary of State John Kerry.

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‘Soldiers on foot on the march of freedom’

David Dinkins, the first African American mayor of New York City, has died at the age of 93. Dinkins, a native of New Jersey, served as the city’s 106th mayor from 1990 to 1993.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ is crowned the new champion

The Mirab ball trophy is basically the Stanley Cup of the Celebrity Performance Reality Show Awards.

‘Crisis!’ Ken Jennings has been named as the first interim host since Alex Trebak’s death.

Because only GOAT can fill the shoes of another GOAT.

This is one of the best Netflix Corney Holiday ROMs

Why, yes, we would wrap ourselves in a huge blanket and watch five hours of it continuously, you ask?

Ford’s new F-150 comes with 4×4 supercrew limited hybrid massage seats

Raising materials to the local solid waste management unit and then rubbing you in the back: you get a truck that can do both.

An aggressive, snake-like hammerhead worm is popping up in Georgia

No. Off. The worm isn’t technically flawed, but the spirit still stands: no more scary bugs 2020 !!!!!

The letter is done

Yes, Virginia, Turkey will be forgiven there

Despite several changes to the White House and its other lighting schedules this month, President Trump is taking part in the next annual Thanksgiving Turkey amnesty today.

Today’s number

7 million

That’s how much pickups and SUVs are remembered around the world because of GM airbag problems. Defective centers in airbags made by Takata, now a bankrupt Japanese manufacturer, have caused the bags to explode and the vehicle to be sprayed.

Quote today

“I think about the people who were persecuted: the Rohingya, the poor Uighurs, the Yazidis – what they did through ISIS was really cruel – or the Christians in Egypt and Pakistan were bombed while they were praying in church.”

Pope Francis, His new book, “Let’s Dream: The Path to a Better Future”. This excerpt is significant because the pope has officially referred to China’s Uighur minority as “persecuted,” breaking the silence on allegations of widespread human rights violations against the group.

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History of pumpkin pie

Hope you remember to take the turkey out of the freezer, as the time is ‘Westin’! (Click here to view.)