Learn 5 things for January 12: Capitol Riot, Funding, Fraud, Covid-19, Death Session, Cuba

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1. Capitol riots

2. Corporate feedback

Capitol riots are shaking the world of political fundraising, as big companies like Google, Coca-Cola and UPS have promised to defer contributions to the board. Other companies are focusing on legislators who are part of Trump’s attempt to disrupt Biden’s confirmation of victory in the election. PR and lobbying experts wonder whether the upheaval is temporary or represents a permanent political shift. More companies are also making policies in response to last year’s violence. GoFundMe says it will no longer allow people to fund travel expenses used for potentially violent political events, and RBNB says it will try to prevent violent capital rioters from making reservations in the DC area during the inauguration. The parlor, a social media app that serves as a safe haven for far-right space, claims to have broken the app on the grounds that it promotes the app on Amazon and incites violence.

3. Coronavirus

We are not going to end up with a social distance anytime soon. The World Health Organization has warned that immunosuppression will not occur in 2021, and that social distance measures will need to be put in place for “the rest of this year” despite vaccine advances. U.S. In, more than 200,000 new coronavirus cases are reported every day for a week. Health officials in the UK say the country is entering the “worst point” of an epidemic, as cases continue to rise and deaths rise. Malaysia has announced further sanctions, and South Africa has closed its land borders to prevent the spread. At the San Diego Zoo, there is a new complication: at least two gorillas have tested positive for the Covid-19, the first known case among the great jokes.

4. Federal execution

A federal judge has stopped the execution of a lone woman named Lisa Montgomery, who was sentenced to death just hours before her death. Montgomery, who was sentenced to death in 2008 for killing a woman and abducting her fetus, will now face a fair trial. Montgomery was one of three people destined to die by federal enforcement during the remaining time in President Trump’s office. The Trump administration revived the federal death penalty last year. Prior to that, there had been no federal executions since 2003. Since July, the federal government has executed 10 people, more than any president since 1896.

5. Cuba

The Trump administration has made Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism, and has complicated any efforts made by the future Biden administration to improve relations with the enemy of the East Cold War. President Obama removed Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in 2015, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said “a new designation was given to repeatedly support acts of international terrorism to give terrorists a safe haven.” A top Cuban player called the move hypocritical and an act of “political opportunism.” Cuba now joins the other three countries on the list: Iran, North Korea and Syria.

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A new report from Bancrete.com states that the proportion of Americans is enough to cover an unexpected 1,000. That’s down from 41% in 2020.

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“That’s why I can no longer call myself a fellow Republican. I’m not a fellow of anything right now. I’m just a citizen who voted Republican, voted Democrat all my career. And right now I’m watching. My country and Not related to the parties. “

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Who criticized the Republican Party for endorsing President Trump’s behavior

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