Leaked photo of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 shows shocking screen

Samsung is preparing to unpack a load of new consumer technology at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event on August 5. Among the five devices to be launched at the event is the next generation of Samsung mobile devices. Apparently called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, instead of just the “Galaxy Fold 2”, there is a lot of excitement around the device, as it marks a step of refinement for the series. Samsung has had a few folding opportunities now, with the first Galaxy Fold, then the “fixed” version, then the Galaxy Z Flip and the newer Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Now, a leaked photo gives us an early look at the massive front of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

This leaked photo of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 shows the phone’s internal display, which actually folds along its center axis.

While there isn’t much you can take away with a cursory glance in this photo, aside from the new name on the home screen, one can notice the punch screen if you look closely. Here is an edited photo that best states the piercing:

As you can see now, the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s internal display will have a single-hole front camera, centered on the right half of the screen. The protective lip around the device no longer has an extension for the punch. This is a big change from the front cameras present in the first-generation device, which had a remarkably unique notch configuration, as shown below:

Setting up the front camera on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Setting up the front camera on the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold

Previous reports suggested the possibility of an under-screen camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but that no longer seems to be the case. Aside from this, the new device is expected to come with a 7.7 ″ interior display, a larger exterior display, lots of RAM and storage, the latest processors, 5G capabilities, and it will continue to exclude the S Pen. We should learn more in the coming days.

Source: Naver (removed)
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