Lauren Bushnell on why she didn’t endorse her season of ‘The Bachelor’

It has been a long time since Lauren Bushnell Lane fans have seen her on her television screens. The Portland native became a household name after she competed in Season 20 of The Bachelor and won. Bushnell Lane finally got engaged to Ben Higgins and the couple even had their own reality show together, Ben and Lauren: Happily ever after?, which aired on Freeform. But, the engagement was short-lived and the couple decided to resign after one year.

Single student Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane | Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for POPSUGAR

Since then, both Bushnell Lane and Higgins have moved on and found their happiness outside of The Bachelor world. Higgins is newly engaged to his girlfriend, Jessica Clarke, and the couple is planning their wedding sometime in 2021. Meanwhile, Bushnell Lane has found love with country singer Chris Lane, and the couple married last year. .

‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!’

Although Higgins and Bushnell Lane obviously gave up their engagement and their time on reality shows, they were recently forced to face their past thanks to The Bachelor. Because the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) messed up filming schedules, the franchise is broadcasting shortened versions of past seasons on a show called The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Never! Every Monday night.

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On Monday June 22, 2020, Bachelor Nation traveled back in time to 2016 to re-experience the Higgins season. This caused many former contestants to promote the show and remember their experiences. Even Higgins runner-up JoJo Fletcher, (who eventually became High school) posted a photo of her with her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, claiming that she would be left on national television again to meet him.

Fans ask Lauren Bushnell Lane why she didn’t promote her season

But, while many former Higgins season contestants from The Bachelor As they walked down memory lane, fans noticed that the winner, Bushnell Lane, was remarkably quiet. They began demanding answers about why she wasn’t promoting that her season be rebroadcast. Also, they asked her if she had plans to watch the season with her husband. After seeing so many questions, Bushnell Lane turned to her Instagram story to set the record straight.

“Woah! So many questions about why I’m not promoting the bachelor broadcast seasons if I’m watching. Chris and I won’t be watching but it sounds fun to walk down memory lane! I’m so thankful for the show and the experience. I have nothing but respect for everyone I shared that chapter with, including the producers, Ben and all the friendships I’ve made throughout my life, ”Bushnell Lane began.

Bushnell is very happy with her husband, Chris Lane

“I know with all my heart that he took me to where I am today, I am not sure that I would have met my husband if he had not introduced me and had gone to the program. I’m a better person because of that, but that chapter doesn’t define who I am and never did! Thanks for all the love and support always. I don’t always talk about everything, I prefer to let others speak for everyone, but that’s not because I didn’t enjoy the experience, I just moved and I’m incredibly happy now, “Bushnell Lane concluded. It seems that all parties involved are happy with how they turned out. things. We hope fans will now let them enjoy their post-Single lives.