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Amazon is a night in the drive-in

Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan, an outspoken advocate of racial justice in Hollywood long before the current wave of protests in support of Black Lives Matter spread across the world, has partnered with Amazon Studios to launch One night at the drive-in, “A nationwide series of summer screenings featuring a wide selection of films that celebrate multicultural voices in film.” The series of screenings will be completely free and will have double characteristics. Find out which movies are playing and where you can watch them below.

People are still (understandably!) Worried about going back to theaters as the coronavirus pandemic continues, but drive-ins offer a safer alternative for people to experience big-screen entertainment in the comfort of their own vehicles. This series of screenings is intended to “evoke the nostalgic joy of a summer night in the drive-in with family and friends,” all while celebrating various voices. Black and Brown-owned companies will provide free soft drinks: Path Water, Pipcorn Popcorn, and Partake Cookies. Jordan selected the series with his teams at his production company, Outlier Society, and his new marketing arm, 8788, and they chose from the Amazon Prime movie library. Here is the schedule:

One night at the Drive-In sign

As you can see, each double feature focuses on a common theme, and there are a wide variety of movies in the mix: romantic dramas, superhero movies, hilarious comedies, and more. This is a really cool idea, and I know many of you will probably take the opportunity to watch these movies on the big screen again (or, depending on your age, maybe for the first time).

“With this summer series, I hope that friends and families can not only enjoy, but also learn and grow,” Jordan said in a statement. “Now more than ever, amplifying Black and Brown stories means engaging culture to speak to hearts and minds about the world we live in. As we take this opportunity to reimagine community and proximity, I am excited that these films are shared and celebrated across the country. “

Here is the list of participating cinemas:

Vineland Drive-In – Los Angeles, CA
Overlook Drive-In – New York, NY
Solano Twin Drive-In – San Francisco, CA
Sacramento Drive-In 6 – Sacramento, California
Las Vegas 6 Drive-In – Las Vegas, NV
The Shankweiler Drive-In Movie Theater – Philadelphia, PA
Galaxy Drive-In – Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
Showboat Drive-In – Houston, TX
Ford Wyoming Drive-In – Detroit, MI
Springmill Drive-In – Cleveland, OH
South Drive-In Twin – Columbus, OH
Jesup Drive-In Twin – Savannah, GA
Bengies Drive-In – Baltimore, MD
Ocala Drive-In – Orlando, FL
Parkway Drive-In – Knoxville, TN
Midway Twin Drive-In – Cleveland, OH
Glendale Drive-in – Phoenix, AZ
Transit Drive-In – Buffalo, NY
Badin Drive-In – Charlotte, North Carolina
Monetta Drive-In – Augusta-Aiken, SC

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