Las Vegas Raiders’ Derek Carey says players were “horrified” by the mask issue

Henderson, Nev. – Coach John Gruden said the Las Vegas Riders players “let their drums down a little bit” when they broke the Covid-19 protocol by showing off their masks at an indoor charity event on Monday night. Quarterback Derek Carey, who was present at the event, said the players “spent a few moments where we slipped, took off masks so people could see our faces.”

However, the players pointed out the reasons for being in the event in the first place: it was a fundraiser for teammate Darren Veller’s foundation to help young people overcome addiction. Valer himself is now three years old.

“I hate that a few moments without our masks led to a story about our team and all that kind of stuff, especially after the penalty that was done a few weeks ago.” “So, we felt awful about it. We addressed it, we talked to the coaches and we talked to our trainers about what really went down and all that kind of stuff.”

The day before the Tennessee Titans reported the positive COVID-19 test of four players and five team employees, the news of the riders at the event without masks came to light.

Earlier this month, Gluden was fined 100,000 for not wearing his mask properly on the sidelines during the September 21 Las Vegas victory over the New Orleans Saints. Riders were fined 250 250,000 and are also being investigated for alleged unauthorized approval by the NFL. Team employee in the locker room after that game.

Meanwhile, according to the league memo, the NFLA has issued a stronger warning to coaches threatening to confiscate suspension and draft picks as punishment for failing to comply with the Covid-19 game-day protocol. Will not wear. Retrieved Wednesday by ESPN’s Adam Shafter.

“We all understand that this is a terrible, terrible virus,” Gruden said. “And we have to do our part; we’re all vulnerable. Sadly, it looks like a few people got the virus. I just wish good luck to everyone in Tennessee. And it certainly wakes itself up, anytime, anywhere, anyone.” Can be found in time. “

Gruden, who said he had the coronavirus in July, has created a team mission to “crush the virus”. During training camp, he made T-shirts with the Riders logo in his name with that motto.

“I’ll just say this: we’ve done a good job, we’ve done an excellent job,” Gruden said. “Last night, he was addressing our players. They came forward with their masks; there was an occasion. Sometimes you go to a restaurant, take off your masks. They are aware of their mistake.

“But we’ve done a great job – using our masks, taking proper care of each other and everyone. I’m really proud of our players. And by the way, it was a great reason not to talk about it.” [Waller] Having raised over 300,000 for a great cause. I appreciate being in support of our players. “

An NFL spokesman said in an email to on Wednesday afternoon that the league was “investigating the matter,” which may have violated Nevada state rules for the epidemic and may have broken the league’s rules.

The NFL and the National Football .League Players Association’s rules limit what activity players are allowed to engage in when the team is away from the facilities. It has been said that players are “not allowed to participate in any program that violates local and state restrictions.”

The Raiders will host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Bill Corneback’s Trey ‘Davis White said the issue was “definitely something people were referring to in the locker room” but he added that the team was not largely concerned.

“It raised a lot of antennas. But I think if we have to be careful and go to the places we’re going to do and not be selfish with it, we’ve continued to do that, I think. We’ll be fine.” , ”White said.

“What we’re trying to do is control what we can do with our endings. There’s a lot of respect for Coach Gruden and I’m sure he’s up there,” added Bids coach Sean McDermott.

Join the car at the Valer event Backup quarterback was Nathan Peterman; Tight end Jason Witten, Foster Moreau and Derek Carrier; Wide receivers Jay Jones and Hunter Ranfro; Cornback K Nevin Law Law Sun; And center Eric Magnuson.

The event was held indoors at the Dragonridge Country Club, which was fined 2,000 by the city of Henderson for four violations of Nevada Governor’s COVID-19 emergency directives, including people not wearing masks and more than 50 people attending the event. . The club now has 30 days to pay a fine or dispute.

“The guys have to be tougher to fight the virus. He’s still our strongest opponent,” Raiders owner Mark Davis told ESPN on Tuesday night.

Carrie, who posed for pictures with a maskless guest who won her jersey at the auction, said she realized it was a mistake not to wear a mask at the event.

“We signed an apology,” Carey said. “Hand sanitizer, like crazy. … We weren’t perfect, but we weren’t trying to be careless or careless. But at the same time, [Waller] There was an event for an event that meant a lot to them and they raised so much money that you can’t even begin to imagine how much money they raised for helping people struggling with addiction, getting them in the right place and the like. . That. My hope and my prayer is that our few moments are messed up, a few minutes here, where we watched for an hour in a separate room not in a private room, but on a camera me, I hope we don’t lose what was really going on . Because Darren had a great idea. He had a great plan. He wants to help people.

“We would have continued the mask, even if we came in and they introduced us. … I was just trying to support Valer there. That’s what me and the people were trying to do, but that’s the end of it.”

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.