Las Vegas and Reno casinos require face masks for casino visitors beginning Friday morning – Deadline

The masks must be worn in Nevada’s interior public spaces, the state governor has ordered. That means that visitors to the casino anywhere in the state must cover themselves, except when they eat or drink.

The ruling takes effect on Friday at 12:01 am and follows a lax approach in which masks were not mandatory in all casinos, although some encouraged their use. That resulted in many customers being left unmasked while casino employees were required to wear them.

“Shirtless. No shoes. No mask. No service,” Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said Wednesday, ordering the brands to be worn in any public space. Social distancing rules and other protocols remain in effect.

Sisolak’s decision follows a similar one last week by California Governor Gavin Newsom. In southern California, reopened casinos and game rooms already required wearing masks.

Nevada, like several states, has seen its COVID-19 cases increase. Its Department of Health and Human Services said 365 new cases arrived in the last 24 hours before Wednesday’s report, the fifth highest since follow-up began. Overall, Nevada has 14,362 confirmed cases and 494 deaths.

Visitors to Las Vegas casinos who arrive without a mask will either be offered a face covering or declined if they refuse to wear one. That adds to the mandatory temperature controls before entering any casino.

The new glitch comes just before the big weekend of July 4, which will likely see huge crowds heading back to the Las Vegas and Reno casinos.