Lance Jones blasts Cumo for Thanksgiving plans: ‘Different people have different rules’

Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones said Tuesday that the United States needs to reopen the economy given that mandatory coronavirus sanctions apply to public officials “differently.”

“It’s very surprising that the powerful and well-connected are playing by different rules,” Jones told Fox & Friends. Said.

Jones said he “never believed” the “we were all in this together” mantra was introduced by public officials to unite Americans during the coronavirus epidemic.

“No, we are lying to the people. We have never been together in all this. There are different rules for different people and the only reason he is having this conversation is because he got caught, ”Jones said.

Kumao planned to spend 2 Thanksgiving with the mother

Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo hinted on Monday that his family is planning a highly sensitive holiday this week, including his 89-year-old mother.

“This is not a normal Thanksgiving,” Kumo said during a press conference Monday. The state noted that the number of hospital admissions in the state has increased by 122% in the last three weeks.

He said during a radio interview on Monday that his other two daughters and his 89-year-old mother would celebrate the holiday in Albany.

“My mom will come upstairs and my two girls – the current plan,” Kumo said. “But plans change, but that’s my plan. But I’m going to work – I have a lot of work to do between now and Thanksgiving. “

The governor recommended that the gathering not be limited to more than 10 people, which it looks like his family will follow. Neither his mother nor his daughters live with him full time.

A spokesman for Cuomo said in an emailed statement to Fox News on Monday that given the evolving situation with the virus, the governor seems to have to work during the holidays instead of spending with his family.

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Jones initially called Cuomo, who is about 90 years old, for plans to initially consider having a Thanksgiving dinner with his mother.

“Why in the world is it also through him? Why is he picking it up? Jones asked.

Joanne raised “concerns” for “state power” to enforce sanctions during the coronavirus epidemic and public officials do not follow their own orders.

“But, again this is what I have been saying for a long time, now is the time to open up this country and everyone will be smart because of the fact that businesses that are currently collapsing, people cannot see their loved ones. , Mental health, the fact that when you parents of the state take their children to the playground, knock on the door, knock on the door because they have 10 people in their own home.

Brittany De Lee of Fox News contributed to this report.

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