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If you happened to be a 13 year old girl in 1996, Craft It was a big deal. Whether or not the film’s all-male creative team realizes it, the film provides a fantasy of the power of young women, whose teenage insecurities – along with social pressures – make them afraid to assert themselves too loudly. Craft Also The shy people hiding in the secret section of the library hoped that not only their interests made them special, but They will too Help them make friends as they get older. And while the film’s four circles were influenced by certain experiments about the competitive nature of female friendship, there were cool girls like Bonnie, Sarah, Rochelle and Nancy that you didn’t want to mess with.

For 24 years fast-forward, and witchcraft as a tool of self-realization, has become a ubiquitous theme in everything. Earthhouse horror movies To Group-marketing “self-Care ”kit. Empowerment for this purpose comes with a wave of messaging Girls in general, who are called, in a way that previous generations did not have, that their voice is important and their potential is unlimited. So maybe that’s to be expected Craft: Legacy, A movie that ultimately proves to be a very sequel and not a remake, behaves as a given Empowerment Angle. Before these confident, independent young women unify the secrets of witchcraft, the material becomes softer, more carefree. The witches are much less angry than their predecessors, and the lack of black lipstick and studded chokers in their clothes shows that.

No, this Craft Girls are not Goth. If anything, they are #witchesofinst gWorship of Wiccan nature and magical baths and “Are you empowered?” qu online quiz. They are also real, bubbly, naughty teenagers, whose innocence makes them many years younger to read than the characters in the original film. (Interestingly, the actors who play her are not much younger; although Rachel True was 29 when she was filming Craft, Most of them were in their early 20’s, as are most of the cast here.) As soon as the story begins, Lordes (Zoe Luna), Frankie (Gideon L. Dallon) and Tab Tab Bby (Lovi Simon) are a virtual trio in search. Fourth – one for each of the elements and main directions – to complete their circle. They call her Lily (Kelly Spaniard), the city’s new girl CarrieSuch telekinetic capabilities are immediately dear to him in a click.

Speaking of Carrie, The film also contains a scene straight out Seventeen Of the magazine “Shock”Column Lum, where Lily is harassed by some popular boys in class for bleeding through her jeans. To avenge this insult, the newly formed angle sneaks into the bedroom of one of the boys, Timmy (Nicholas Galitzin), and spells it out to see the mistake of his proud manner. The spell works, and Timmy, well, wakes up, to his joke friends for offending his female classmates and for giving a monologue on a dumbstruck concert on Princess Nokia at a party. This new sensitivity makes Timmy indispensable to Lily, but her mental pickup lines inadvertently set the stage for a big magical struggle.

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although Waking the witch Author Pam Grossman served as a consultant Craft: Legacy, The film is even less of a guide than its predecessor. Writer-director JJ Lister-Jones places less emphasis on the culture surrounding witchcraft – for example, the film has no magical store for shoplifts, and more on the innate supernatural powers of girls, often manifested as CGI and stunt people’s spark whips. . The harness is jolted throughout the frame. This is a piece with more contemporary teen-witch entertainment like Rebooted Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures, As well as the film’s message about finding one’s own innate magic and using it. But although these witches are not worshiped as Manon-a goddess Is Indeed in candles, all witches must be teenagers.

All this happens against Lily’s new background, Brady bunch-In military circumstances, when she and her mother (Michelle Monagan) move in with mom’s new boyfriend (David Duchovny) and her three teenage sons. Duchavni’s character is a Jordan Peterson-Esk writer who conducted a workshop on masculinity – a detail in which, along with a secret Timmy share with the girls, he makes this Craft Movie to say a lot about men and boys. But when “Tin Daklo Vs. Toxic masculinity ”is an attractive elevator pitch, the theme may not be as full here. Neither are the daily struggles of Cop’s transgender and black members, whose identities are confirmed with the depth of a well-meaning but short social media post.

Instead of going into the personal lives of each member of the contract, Craft: Legacy Her narrative focuses on Lily, for reasons that become clear later. This development exhibits a subtle, clever outlook The shift, the one that puts the movie’s characters apart, in a more sympathetic light. But the drama of this revelation also produces a fairly whiplash, sitting strangely next to the glamorous low innings of the first half. As the relationship between the movies becomes clearer, Lister-Jones participates in some fan service, most importantly the immortal line, “We are Mr., Mr.” One might think to wink at one side Goth moms were watching the movie with their own Billy Elish-loving teenagers, except that those teenagers would have seen it too. Craft. If by 2020 teen witches are better organized than their ancestors, they are also more internet-savvy.