Kim Kardashian West saw her cry while talking to Kanye West on a trip to Wyoming

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t seen each other for some time before designer Yeezy’s campaign campaign. But on Monday, July 27, the couple met at their second residence in Cody, Wyoming. Neither of them has said anything about the trip, but it appears to be an emotional reunion in photos taken by multiple media outlets.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West in February 2017 | Marc Piasecki / GC Images

The past few days have reportedly been difficult for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The drama started on July 19 when West held his first rally for his 2020 presidential campaign. Throughout the event, he made several surprising comments, including that he and Kardashian West considered aborting their oldest daughter, North, 7. The couple also share three other children: Saint, 4, Chicago, 2 and Psalm, 1.)

As more and more media outlets began reporting on the demonstration, West participated in a tirade on Twitter in which he criticized his wife and Kris Jenner and accused them of trying to “block” [him] Above. “He continued to express himself about the couple in the days that followed and even said that he had been trying to divorce for years for Kardashian West, whom he married in June 2014 after a two-year relationship.

The reality star was silent for days before sharing a letter on Instagram in which she said West had been struggling with bipolar disorder and asked for compassion. He neither confirmed nor denied his claims. However, he later offered an apology on Twitter.

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Kim Kardashian West’s trip to Wyoming

After days of being barred from visiting, Kardashian West reunited with her husband on July 27. The Daily Mail published photos showing the two traveling together in a car and talking about their arrival. The reality star appeared to be distressed and crying in various photos as she and West presumably presented the latest drama.

“As soon as Kim got to the ranch, she and Kanye went out together in their car,” a source told People about the trip. “[Kim] He is very emotional with everything and he is also exhausted. She is very hurt by Kanye. She has tried to communicate with him multiple times and he simply ignores her. “

So “she decided to fly to Cody to speak to him in person,” according to the source. “She doesn’t want to be ignored anymore … It’s all a bad situation.”

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The status of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage

It is unclear whether West is actively pursuing a divorce, as he said in his tweets. But a source told Us Weekly in a report published on July 28 that the issue had definitely come up in the past.

“Kim is not leaving the relationship because of this current situation, but prior to this situation, in the past three months, they had been talking about the divorce,” the source said. “Kim has wanted to make this marriage work and so has Kanye. They both still love each other and there is still some interest in making this marriage work, but in recent months it seems less likely. “

But at the same time, the source noted, “There is no conversation about divorce until you can be in a better mental space. Actually, there is little to no contact between Kim and Kanye right now. “

TMZ reported on July 25 that West went to see a doctor out of anxiety, but left due to overcrowding. Later in the day, he reportedly caused an ambulance to go to his home and emergency medical technicians told him that “he was not in danger.”

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