Kim Kardashian struggles with Kanye’s ‘disappointing’ Twitter adventure

On the farewell season On Thursday night, she was trying very hard to suppress the stress of her marriage and involvement on social media.

“It’s no secret that everyone sees things in the media about my life with Kannada, but I’ve always been really respectful for not talking about Kanye and the issues I have. I mean you guys will see it clearly on Twitter, so I ‘kim said in his confession, “I still wouldn’t really like to talk about it here.”

Kim, who has always tried to stay private about her marriage, and Kanye’s supporter, despite her infamous adventure, stopped herself from going into detail because she didn’t want to talk about it on camera. And even though his sister Kholo Kardashian knows that Kim manages things privately, Kholo admits, “He’s a guy who, like, is calm and cool, and we all respect him. But I know, because She’s not even talking about us in private, it really affects her. “

After six years of marriage, Kim filed for divorce in February. Earlier Thursday, Chris Jenner caught up with Ellen DeGeneres, where she shared that Kim keeps herself busy by focusing on her law studies.

However, Thursday’s episode Around the summer of 2020 – filmed months before the couple announced their divorce – Kanye’s last big Twitter meltdown.

Chris, Open and Courtney knew that Kim was still stressed, as Chris told his daughters, “I think she’s struggling a little with whatever stuff she’s running. I don’t know if she’s with her stress. How is she behaving.All, you know, she’s the one I’m worried about. She’s like always, calm in the storm. I think she’s got a lot on her plate. She’s got law school and everything else, kids, She’s getting everything she needs. Trying to juggle. “

“Well, I just said she probably wouldn’t be able to do this on her own. I think she just needs help,” Courtney said.

“There’s a lot going on in the media right now, and Kim is going through really, really hard times, and she’s dealing a lot internally. I think my mom’s idea is really nice for Kim to have a good time, and she That’s all we can do, “Khulo shared.

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