‘Kids need to be with their friends’ socializing at school, playing shows

Vice President Mike Pence admits that he is not a primary education expert, but he knows someone who is.

And arguing that most schools will reopen for the fall period, he quoted his 35-year-old teaching expert, his wife, Karen Pence.

“She says children need to be with their friends,” the vice president and former governor of Indiana in Florida said Monday. “They need to learn social skills,” he added.

In making the latest administration release to reopen schools where feasible, Pence referred to areas where there is an expert, coronavirus data as head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and state programs available to parents.

“When studying these data in this country and around the world, one thing we know for sure: that is that the risk of coronavirus for healthy children is very low,” said the vice president after a tour of the University of Miami where the virus Vaccine tests are underway.

“The other thing we know for sure is that there are real costs for children for not being in the classroom,” he added.

The children have “regressed academically,” he said, but special services are also being missed.

“As a former governor, I know that the services our children receive, whether they are children with special needs, whether they are children with learning disabilities, whether they are nutrition services, food supplements for disadvantaged children, are provided by our schools. Therefore, we do not want our children to fall behind academically, but we also do not want them to fall behind with all other aspects of education. And not the lead of which is the value of socialization, ”said Pence.

He promised that the administration will push for approval of about $ 105 billion for schools, with $ 70 billion going to K-12.

And he vowed to focus on the concerns of teachers and other staff who have voiced concerns about the reopening. “The safe reopening of our schools should be a priority for all Americans,” said Pence.